10 Secrets of the ‘Naturally’ Slim People

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Tips from former Fashion Model Fitness Coach, Rusty Moore.
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Being naturally slim sometimes simply comes down to genetics, but some people are slim from good habits.

10 Secrets of the 'Naturally' Slim People

We all probably know some people who look as if they aren’t actually even trying to be slim.

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Is it possible they know something that people who struggle with their weight don’t?

Here is a video discussing some common habits and secrets of becoming slim and staying that way.

These are solid tips, but…

NEW research is showing there is a specific way to eat to lower your body weight set point without being hungry.

I recently wrote a detailed article on how to do this:

lower your body weight set point

How to Lower Your Body Weight Set Point

I discuss how Micheal Cabanac, a researcher at Laval University in Canada, discovered a way to lower your set point without hunger.

I recommend following his advice to lose weight and keep it off.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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