1000 Cardio & Core BURN Challenge

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Body weight circuits are awesome because of the convenience factor.

1000 Cardio & Core BURN Challenge

You can do these at home or while traveling since they require no equipment.

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Another benefit is that you can set these up to target different areas of the body.

Here is a video of a bodyweight circuit that targets the core while providing a calorie burning cardio workout.

What I like about this workout is that she set it up to get progressively tougher each week.

Here’s is the outline of the circuit in the video:

1. Jumping Jacks X 25
2. Squats X 25
3. Skaters X 25
4. Push-ups X 25
5. Mountain Climbers X 25
6. Plank Jacks X 25
7. Hip Thrust X 25
8. Crunches X 25
9. Flutter Kicks X 25
10. In & Out Squats X 25

There are 10 exercises each performed for 25 reps (250 total reps).

Each week you will do this workout 4 times and here is how you make it tougher week-to-week.

Week 1: 1 set per workout
Week 2: 2 sets per workout
Week 3: 3 sets per workout
Week 4: 4 sets per workout

In week 4 you are doing 1000 total reps per workout.

This workout will burn a ton of calories, especially when you do it 4 times per week.

What is awesome about this type of training is that it will decrease your appetite as well.

Here’s an article I wrote explaining how this works:

Using Exercise to Decrease Your Appetite

Here is how to set up a bodyweight cardio and core workout that gets progressively tougher and burns more calories and make you leaner each and every week.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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