Grow Your Glutes FAST With These 3 Exercises


When most people try to target the glutes, they use LEG exercises.


Things like squats and lunges do hit the glutes, but they aren’t specifically BUTT exercises.

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Isolating the glutes for at least part of your butt workout is important if growing your glutes is a priority.

Here’s a video demonstrating 3 of the best glute isolation exercises.

The 3 exercises recommended in the video:

1. Glute Bridge Using a Dumbbell as Resistance
2. Prone Plank Leg Lift
3. Side Plank With Hip Abduction

Research shows that while exercises like squats and deadlifts hit the glutes, there are better options out there.

[Tip] Glute development happens best when they are isolated at the beginning of a workout. Do glute isolation exercises first, before squats and lunges.

A recent study came out ranking exercises based on how much they activate the glutes.

Here’s an article I wrote about that:

The 10 Best Glute Exercises Ranked

Grow Your Glutes FAST With These 3 ExercisesGrow Your Glutes FAST With These 3 Exercises


-Rusty Moore

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