How Much Protein Can You Digest Per Meal? (ABSORPTION MYTH)

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We used to think you could only digest 30 grams of protein in a meal.

How Much Protein Can You Digest Per Meal (ABSORPTION MYTH)

In the 80’s one of the reasons, they recommended 6 meals per day, was to maximize the amount of protein we could digest.

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The funny thing is that this 30-gram number is actually a myth.

Here’s a video explaining why you will be able to absorb and digest much more than 30 grams per feeding.

In the video, he explains that you can absorb almost 100% of the protein you eat.

So whether you eat all your calories in one meal or over 6 meals, you will absorb and digest the same amount of protein.

This is good news for people who follow an intermittent fasting diet plan.

Speaking of intermittent fasting…

I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting on and off for 18 years and was one of the first bloggers to write about it (almost 12 years ago).

Here’s a recent article I wrote about what I believe to be the most efficient way to use intermittent fasting for fat loss.

intermittent fasting for weight loss

18 Years of Intermittent Fasting

I was harshly criticized at first by most people in the fitness industry, but now people have come around.

We used to think you could only digest 30 grams of protein in a meal. It was recommended to eat 6 meals per day to maximize the protein we could digest.


-Rusty Moore

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