Visual Impact Frequency Training

Forgotten USSR Olympic Training Plan Reveals the Secret To Rapid Muscle Density & Definition

For many years we have been taught this formula for weight training:

A muscle gets broken down with intense resistance training, followed by a recovery period of 48-72 hours… stimulating muscle growth and strength gains.

This approach works…

…but is this “blitz and rest” model the only way to train?

The Western approach to resistance training is limited by this period of recovery.

Olympic weightlifters of the East train in a way that avoids muscle breakdown.

This allows them to work each muscle group with higher frequency.

Workouts are low in volume and avoid the typical down-time of traditional weight training.

With quicker recovery time, each muscle group can get worked more often. This doesn’t necessarily mean more time in the gym.

Sets are reduced to just 4-5 per muscle group, allowing the entire body to get trained each and every workout.

The Bulgarian Weight Lifting team actually trains each major lift multiple times per day… 6 days a week!

Why do they train so often?

They have found that the repeated practice of training a lift increases the neurological impulses to a muscle.

Over time, their nervous system becomes more efficient at delivering high voltage to the muscle.

The more “practice” they get with a lift, the stronger they become.

Overtraining is a real issue with high-volume blitz type workouts that the majority of us are familiar with.

This is NOT how the Bulgarian Olympic team trains.

They keep the volume low and stop sets well short of failure.

You see, training to failure is good if muscle breakdown is your goal.

Unfortunately, muscle breakdown limits the amount of productive strength training sessions an athlete can do in a week.

Frequent training sessions are the secret to the Eastern European dominance in strength competitions.

…but what does strength training have to do with increasing muscle tone?

Strength training increases “True Muscle Tone” by improving the nervous system’s signal to your muscle. As you optimize this signal, your muscles will display a greater degree of density and definition.

A lot of people in the bodybuilding community strongly dislike the word “muscle tone”.

They believe that muscle tone is simply a matter of body fat levels. The lower your body fat percentage is, the more toned your muscles will look.

This is simply confusing displayed muscle tone with true muscle tone.

It’s true that you need to remove the blubber to reveal your muscle tone, but that muscle can either be dense and defined -or- soft and puffy looking.

The key to maximum definition is strength training for improved muscle efficiency.

If you gain strength without adding size, your muscles become more efficient. This efficiency is created by packing more muscle fiber into the muscle belly…and as a result of a more alert nervous system.

Focused strength training gives your body the ability to get more out of any workout program.

Make no mistake… once your strength levels plateau, your routine becomes less effective.

Lifting with more “intensity” or pushing harder simply makes the plateau that much harder to dig out of.

The Eastern Europeans discovered that frequency, not intensity, is the key to rapid strength gains.

The downside of the Eastern European strength programs is that they only focus on Olympic lifts.

For full body development, it makes sense to incorporate traditional bodybuilding lifts into your routine.

After 27+ years of studying resistance training, I believe I have come up with one of the most effective solutions for rapid strength, muscle density and maximum definition.

Introducing “Visual Impact Frequency Training”.

The Forgotten Eastern European Method That Allows You To Shatter Previous Strength Plateaus… While Creating Chiseled Rock-Hard Muscle Definition.

There’s a good chance that your current workout program isn’t broken.

There are countless solid resistance training programs that get results. I have a few go-to routines I’ve been using for years.

You probably have your own favorite routines as well.

The problem is that most routines become stagnant once you hit plateaus in the weight being lifted.

Dramatically increasing your strength is the best way to re-ignite your current workout program.

This what Visual Impact Frequency Training will do for you.

Some highlights from course.

  • The specific type of muscle growth to aim for if you want to avoid the common problem of “Muscle Sagging” as you age…and how most bodybuilding routines get this wrong.
  • How Elite Athletes can train the same muscle groups up to 6 days per week for maximum performance, without overtraining – and the exact method to follow to do this with your own workouts.
  • How to maximize your nervous system’s ability to provide Maximum Voltage to the Muscles being worked…allowing you to lift more weight without an increase in perceived effort.
  • Why the “All-or-None Law” of muscle fiber recruitment favors heavy low-rep sets over light high-rep sets for maximum muscle fiber activation…and why you will never hit your strongest fast twitch muscle fibers if you never lift with heavy weights.
  • Maximum muscle fiber recruitment can only be maintained for 10-15 seconds. Why extending your sets past this is counterproductive if Maximum Strength Gains and Muscle Density is your goal.
  • Why sprinters jump in place before a 100 meter race. How to use this same concept with light weights to wake up the nervous system and prepare it for Maximum Output once the weights get heavier. Get this right and your heavy work sets will become noticeably easier.
  • When to use a Special Technique called “Irradiation” – purposely lifting a weight slowly with tension, as a form of active recovery for your joints as well as Fat Loss through burning glycogen.  This is a way to continue to make forward progress in strength while your joints recover.
  • Why the Bulgarian athletes dominate the sport of Olympic Weightlifting following the “Hebbian Rule” – a way to dramatically increase the chances of successfully lifting a heavy weight.
  • Why you should never train to exhaustion if gaining strength is your goal.
  • The proper training load which allows the muscles to fully recuperate in 12-24 hours…discovered by a former Soviet “Sport Biochemist”. The Eastern European weight lifting teams use this same recovery model to this day to gain strength rapidly.
  • Why your Central Nervous System responds best to frequent training…as long as the muscle isn’t broken down in the process. How to train your muscles with 3x the frequency without spending more time in the gym.
  • Joint recovery is sometimes slower than CNS recovery. Here’s how to structure your program to continue to gain strength while giving your joints additional time to recover.
  • How to use the same handful of lifts to measure progress…but also mix in a variety to avoid overuse injuries and allow for greater Muscle Development.
  • According to a former Soviet Olympic Coach, “Pyramid sets have been virtually excluded from the training of elite strength athletes”. What to do instead in the sets leading up to the heaviest weights.
  • Why you should Avoid Circuit Training at all Costs during this 8 week cycle of strength and density training. The proper amount of rest in between sets required to ensure peak strength output.
  • A simple but Effective 15 Minute Cardio Workout to add right after your resistance workout…to efficiently empty out muscle glycogen, getting your body in the right state to use body fat for fuel.
  • A flexible dieting strategy that involves analyzing your results daily…and suggested tweaks to make based on those results. How to “cherry pick” elements of popular effective diets to accelerate your fat loss results.
  • …and MUCH more!

In addition to the Visual Impact Frequency Training manual, I knew there was a need for videos demonstrating this unique style of training.

This style of lifting is hard to get across on paper.

…so I contacted one of the smartest guys in the field of exercise performance and nutrition.

Silicon Valley’s Elite Trainer, Nate Miyaki, Shows You Step-By-Step How To Execute Each Density Movement… Perfectly!

Nate is a busy guy.

Between his numerous speaking engagements in the Bay Area and training clients full-time, I knew it was going to be a long shot to get his help.

So I sent him a BETA copy of Visual Impact Frequency Training and waited.

He was down in Austin speaking at the Paleo FX conference, so it took him quite a few days to get back to me.

When he finally got a chance to read through the manual, he was so jazzed that he spent the following weekend shooting videos in the same gym where he trains clients.

Not only did he shoot a bunch of videos demonstrating explosive and irradiation style lifting.

…he created 2 whiteboard videos elaborating on the techniques I discuss in the main manual.

Warning: This Is Definitely Not For Everyone

If you have less than 2 years consistent resistance training experience please don’t order this course.

This style of training is for Intermediate-to-Advanced lifters only.

I obviously can’t stop you from ordering if you are just starting out, but encourage you to come back to this page once you have more experience.

The best feedback I’ve received are from people with 10+ years experience.

The longer you train, the harder it becomes to experience dramatic gains from lifting weights.

Visual Impact Frequency Training was created to be the ultimate “plateau buster”.

So what is this going to cost?

Get This For Less Than The Cost Of One Single Session With An Average Personal Trainer

I decided on the price of ONE single payment of $67 only $37.

$67 $37

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This is slightly less than $40…which happens to be the typical rate with one hour spent with an average personal trainer. This is also the going rate of my Men’s, Women’s, and Advanced Cardio courses.

What you learn here “Smokes” – 1 hour even spent with the best personal trainer.

This isn’t meant to be disrespectful to personal trainers AT ALL…

Heck, it would take me at least 3-4 hours to run you through the nuances of this program and I wrote the course!


I’m genuinely excited by the results people are getting with this program.

…and I honestly think you will Dig It!


-Rusty Moore


I didn’t write a 300 page novel…

I want you to be able to read this in one sitting and get started today.

My goals with all of my programs is to keep the information as “water tight” as possible, with no fluff or filler content. I pride myself on creating courses that people actually read through and use.

It’s to-the-point actionable information that will get you dramatic results in increasing strength, muscle density, and muscle tone.

You also get immediate access to Nate Miyaki videos, which show proper lifting tempo for this style of lifting.

My hope is that that this is the program you use 1-2 times per year to reach new levels of strength and muscle density… and then apply that new strength to your “go-to” routine.

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