Visual Impact Kettlebells (Home Workout Program)

How an Obvious Design Flaw of the Kettlebell Turns Out to be its Biggest Strength… Burning Calories and Shaping the Body Better than Modern Gym Equipment.


“What an awkward design.”

This is what I thought to myself when I first saw the kettlebell back in 2001.

In my mind, kettlebells were inferior to dumbbells and barbells in EVERY way.

  • The weight couldn’t be adjusted.
  • The weighted ball would rest against your forearm when pressing or curling.
  • There was a weird balancing issue.
  • It was inconvenient for almost every standard gym exercise.

They really only appealed to the hardcore crowd.

Kettlebells were first adopted by men & women who enjoy dark Dungeon-style gyms filled with spit buckets, chalk, and smelling salts.

Okay, SLIGHT exaggeration.

Pavel Tsatsouline is largely responsible for getting kettlebells into the hands of people in the US.

He’s a former Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) trainer.

Pavel brought the kettlebell and shared his methodology with the US in 2001 with his book, “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge”.

Kettlebells caught on first with Olympic lifters, powerlifters, CrossFit, and the military.

In the early 2000’s you would see them in a place like Gold’s Gym, but never in a gym like 24 Fitness.

I figured people just liked them because they were more “hardcore” than regular commercial gym training.

They didn’t seem to fit the demographic I train…

I never considered kettlebells to be a good tool to get the slim and fit “Visual Impact” look.

I don’t train people to look like a CrossFit athlete or a Powerlifter.

(Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

The Visual Impact methodology focuses on gaining strength and muscle definition while maintaining a slim, sleek and stylish physique. It is based upon principles I’ve used to train male and female fashion models the past 10 years.

I didn’t see where kettlebells would fit into this.

The design really did seem flawed.

The kettlebell has an offset center of gravity since the center of mass is 6-8 inches away from the handle.

When you lift a barbell or a dumbbell the weight is centered in your hands evenly.

The way the kettlebell is designed, the handle always gets pulled in the direction of the weighted ball part.

This kettlebell “design flaw” turns out to be its biggest strength.

You see, when you lift a dumbbell or a barbell, the majority of the force is transferred vertically.

Take the deadlift for instance…

The barbell is pulled straight down in a vertical path by gravity.

An exercise like the kettlebell swing is different.

With kettlebell swings, you get a strong horizontal component that is hard to duplicate with barbells and dumbbells.

*It’s technically considered a “centripetal ballistic exercise”.

At the bottom of the movement, the weight pulls down and BACK.

To reverse this momentum, the glutes have to fire hard.

It can require a force measuring several times the weight of the kettlebell to reverse the momentum.

A 20-pound kettlebell can require as much as 100 pounds of force (or more) in order to get propelled forward again.

This force mainly comes from your glutes.

Throughout the movement, the glutes also have to fire hard to stop the body from getting pulled forward.

It turns out that the kettlebell swing is an incredible glute exercise.

This is a hinge – not a squat.

Your quads are barely involved at all.

This is a good thing because most people are quad dominant.

Sitting too much causes our quads to remain strong while making it hard to contract the glutes properly.

Some call this “dead butt syndrome”.

Kettlebell exercises can awaken dormant glute muscles and can build and shape your butt WITHOUT bulking up your thighs.

This is just one advantage of the odd kettlebell design.

It’s also very hard to duplicate with a barbell or a dumbbell.

I was WRONG about the kettlebell.

The person who pointed this out was a long time friend I have known for 10+ years… who also happens to be one of the world’s top kettlebell experts.

His name is Chris Lopez.

Chris moved to Costa Rica over 6 years ago with his wife and 5 kids.

He lives in a remote surfing village on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and his only piece of workout equipment is the kettlebell.

He stays in top shape year-round with kettlebell training.

Chris is 43 years old but looks closer to 25.

He’s been training with kettlebells since 2003, but also has impressive kettlebell credentials.

  • In 2010 he was trained by Pavel Tsatsouline in person to get his RKC certification.
  • In 2014 Chris became the very first Canadian to get certified by Strongfirst (Pavel’s current company) as an SFG Kettlebell Instructor.

He’s the only High-Level kettlebell instructor I know with these credentials…

…who trains with nothing but kettlebells.

This past summer Chris approached me about creating a kettlebell course with the “Visual Impact” principles.

Chris partnered with me to develop a program specifically aimed at a slim and sleek toned physique.

There isn’t another kettlebell course like this on the market.


Here are just a few highlights from the course:

  • How to get an incredible Full Body workout with just one single kettlebell and the #1 TIP for picking out the perfect kettlebell weight.
  • The reason why kettlebells will work your fast-twitch fibers using a relatively light kettlebell… allowing you to move like a MUCH younger person WITHOUT stressing your joints.
  • Unlike a barbell, a kettlebell is a FIXED weight: these are the 5 main variables you can adjust to get KILLER results and challenge yourself when the weight never changes.
  • How kettlebell lifts performed in the right way torch calories, and why you don’t necessarily have to do traditional “cardio exercises” at all to burn calories and lose body fat.
  • How to make a kettlebell feel 5-10 times heavier than its actual weightwhich can increase strength as effectively as an exercise with a much heavier barbell.
  • Why kettlebells have been the preferred method of training in Russia for 300+ years. In fact, in 1913 a Russian magazine reported: “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics.”
  • Any decent brand of kettlebells can be used for our workouts, but these are the 7 top-tier kettlebell brands that we consider EXCEPTIONALgrab any of them without hesitation.
  • Fast-twitch Type 2 Muscle Fibers require the most energy to fire, meaning they burn calories at a high rate… here’s how to target these with a kettlebell and burn as many calories as possible.
  • How the “Kettlebell Clean” exercise will improve shoulder health by training the neglected external rotation function of the shoulders (just make sure you maintain THIS elbow position).
  • Why less is more: how to burn calories and get lean while doing WAY less work than you are capable of in an exercise session.
  • A simple and SAFE no impact 20-minute explosive workout that will make you sweat like an intense cardio session… without ever experiencing “burn” or fatigue in your muscles.
  • A movement many call the “Tzar of Kettlebell Exercises” that is hard to master, but will STRENGTHEN your body from head to toe. Hint: It’s not the kettlebell swing.
  • How to incorporate “Density Training” into your kettlebell workout and why this GREATLY increases the fat-burning potential of those workouts.

We wanted to make this course accessible to everyone.

The only equipment required is a single kettlebell.

This is a 3-month program.

You will use that same single kettlebell for all workouts in this program.

attractive woman holding a kettlebell

We will show you exactly what size kettlebell to choose.

This is a great time because it is pretty easy to find used kettlebells right now. Gyms are opening up so people are selling their kettlebells.

These are 20-25 minute workouts that can be done at home.

This 3-month program consists of 3 phases.

Here’s a brief outline of the program.

Visual Impact Kettlebells™ – A 3-Phase Synergistic Kettlebell Program

This is a 12-week program that requires just one single kettlebell and is divided into 3 phases. Each phase builds upon the previous phase which magnifies results week-to-week.

Phase 1 (Week 1 – Week 4): Foundation

This phase alternates between slow tension-based workouts and fast explosive workouts. The focus is on learning the basic kettlebell exercises while increasing strength and muscle tone.

Phase 2 (Week 5 – Week 8): Acceleration

This phase combines slow tension-based kettlebell lifts and explosive kettlebell movements in the same workout. This is called “neuro-metabolic contrast training” and it increases the rate at which calories are burned while tightening up the body.

Phase 3 (Week 9 – Week 12): Intensification

This phase combines high tension exercises and explosive exercises within the same set (called a “chain”). This workout setup will significantly increase heart rate and calorie burn and has the potential to rapidly melt body fat while improving strength and muscle definition.


The one challenge with kettlebell exercises is that they are hard to explain in a text-only format.

We decided that VIDEO would be a crucial part of our program.

A videographer filmed Chris performing and explaining all of the kettlebell exercises and workouts.

The Visual Impact Kettlebell workout videos are filmed right on the beautiful beach in Costa Rica where Chris lives.

You might get slightly jealous of Chris’s cool surf town.

He gets to train barefoot in the soft sand.

I’ve learned a TON from his video demonstrations.

There’s a lot of mixed (and bad) advice online when it comes to performing kettlebell exercises properly… it is important to learn proper technique from a qualified expert.

Chris will teach you the proper fundamentals.

He will then drill deeper into more complex movements as the program progresses.

This program emphasizes perfect technique.

Our step-by-step kettlebell videos will teach you how to torch calories while creating a strong, injury-resistant body.

Kettlebells are NOT meant to be pushed to failure.

Many trainers mistakenly apply traditional bodybuilding principles to kettlebell training.

This is an inferior approach.

We know better…

Our workouts are designed to work your heart and lungs, burning calories WITHOUT breaking down the muscles.

man with 35 pound kettlebells

All of the workouts will increase strength without building excess size.

The result is exceptional muscle tone without bulk.

Chris wanted to partner with us because he likes the Visual Impact brand.

Over the past couple of years he has mainly focused on high ticket courses (and group coaching).

The trend these days is to train people using Online Group Coaching where each client pays $197 – $297 per month.

I like this type of coaching style quite a bit.

Here’s the benefit of running a higher ticket program like this.

When someone pays $197 – $297 per month, they have “skin in the game”… and are much more likely to follow the fitness coach’s advice and get incredible results.

Both Chris and I think this approach is a win-win.

It’s how we originally planned on delivering this course… I like the idea of focusing and helping a group of 200-300 people.

This is the way the fitness industry is going BUT…

We wanted to make this affordable to a larger group of people.

So Instead of $197 – $297 per month…

We decided on a ONE-TIME price of $197 (just $37)

$197 $37 Limited Special

Add to Cart

As soon as you order you will gain immediate access to the beautiful mobile-optimized member’s area. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

You will only get charged one time.

*In the future it is likely that we will turn this into a 3-month ($197 per month) challenge.

If you order today, it is just $197 $37 one time for lifetime access.

As a bonus you will also get access to our Visual Impact Kettlebells Facebook Group.

I have been told by members of our group that this is the most friendly non-judgmental Facebook Group they are part of.

We’re active in there each day.

Members share tips and wins, etc.

I’ll share one of most impressive success stories from our group.

Success Story of a 44 year-old Nurse and Mother who works full-time in a hospital in Chicago


April has kept somewhat lean most of her life but…

The intense stress of work during the first 6-7 of Covid caused her to eat more than normal.

She was also too exhausted to train.

She put on a bit of weight during this time.

Here’s a picture from August 2020…

She took pictures in August, because she was 100% dedicated to do whatever was necessary to lose this weight.

Seeing this excess body fat in a picture was her wakeup call.

She picked up Visual Impact Kettlebells shortly after snapping these pictures.

April also has a 15 year old son at home.

This means she has very little free time.

She did our 20-30 minute kettlebell workouts during her lunch break at work.

Her rapid transformation has been one of the most amazing I’ve witnessed.

Especially considering her age and circumstances.

Remember, she is 44 years old.

The pictures are impressive enough.

The most impressive part to me is that she did this while working insane hours, at a risky and super-stressful job, while being mom to a teenager.

The goal with our workout is a streamlined, firm, and toned body.

April absolutely smashed this goal.

She looks incredible!



Our course isn’t generic rehashed info.

This is the ONLY kettlebell course we know of that is 100% focused on firming up and strengthening the body without adding excess muscle mass.

pretty woman sitting in hammock

My background involves coaching male and female fashion models to get in incredible shape without getting bulky.

Chris and I designed this workout with this goal in mind.

If you are after a tight and sleek physique?

We have you covered.

We also made this risk free…

Our 60-Day Guarantee

If Visual Impact Kettlebells™ doesn’t significantly improve the shape of your glutes, strengthen your muscles and joints while torching stubborn body fat, you will receive all of your money back.

If you aren’t thrilled with our program we will give you 100% of your money back… no questions asked.

This how confident we are in our unique program design.

It’s likely that this will become a $197 – $297 per month challenge.

Order today and get this for a ONE-TIME price of $197 (just $37)

$197 $37 Limited Special

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Warning: Once we teach you how to master the kettlebell, you may never want to train with “regular weights” again.

Kettlebell exercises require balance.

Because of this…

Your stabilizers get strong at a similar rate as the target muscles being worked.

This creates a strong injury-resilient body.

If aging gracefully is your goal, it is hard to beat proper kettlebell training.

Barbell and traditional gym exercises are great for building large muscles.

This is why bodybuilders love using these.

One problem with barbells is that oftentimes the major muscle groups get stronger at a faster rate than the joints and ligaments… this greatly increases the chance of an injury.

This is why things like shoulder injuries are so common.

Kettlebell don’t have this issue.

Especially with our synergistic 3-phase program design.

Here are a few more highlights from our course:

  • A method called “Peripheral Heart Action Training” that we include in many of our workouts which BURNS additional Calories without performing more reps.
  • A kettlebell workout setup that keeps your muscles “fresh”, while challenging you aerobically… giving you a GREAT Cardio Workout without doing a traditional “cardio exercise”.
  • How to increase Power endurance and Strength endurance which will “upgrade” the muscles in your body and make you much more athletic.
  • Why our kettlebell workouts only last 20-25 minutes and how this ensures that the fast-twitch muscle fibers keep burning the most calories per minute during the whole workout.
  • Most commercial gyms have been teaching the SAME workout setup popularized by Joe Weider 70+ years ago… here’s why you will get better results using almost the OPPOSITE approach.
  • How to SIGNIFICANTLY raise your heart rate by targeting different “planes of movement” using kettlebell “Chains” and “Flows”.
  • The stronger your Glutes are, the better your military press will be… how to “press from your seat” to AMPLIFY strength in your shoulders and triceps.
  • How to get stronger while NEVER going to failure or breaking down your muscles…. and why this is the secret to staying injury-free while dramatically improving muscle tone.
  • The “What the heck effect” of kettlebell training: The WEIRD phenomenon of people getting stronger in basic barbell exercises after training exclusively with kettlebells for a few months.
  • The “kettlebell swing” is a SAFE kettlebell movement that strengthens the lower back and glutes when performed correctly, but THIS common mistake can greatly increase your chance of injury.
  • How to improve your ab definition without having to do individual “Ab Exercises” using these 1-arm Kettlebell movements that require core stability.
  • The “Everyday Carry” workout… an OPTIONAL 15-minute “active recovery” kettlebell workout to do on off days to improve any weak links in your body while working your abs.
  • How to use the “Grind” style of lifting a kettlebell in order to create tension across ALL muscles in the body… this quickly firms up a soft, saggy body.

You could try to learn how to train with a kettlebell on your own, but I don’t think that is in your best interests.

Chris has been a kettlebell expert for close to 20 years.

He will teach you how to transform your body…

All it takes is a single kettlebell and a willingness to learn perfect exercise technique from Chris.

Not only will you look better…

Your body will become strong and resilient.

Grab this today for a ONE-TIME price of $197 (just $37)

$197 $37 Limited Special

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We have also made this risk-free.

Our 60-Day Guarantee

If Visual Impact Kettlebells™ doesn’t significantly improve the shape of your glutes, strengthen your muscles and joints while torching stubborn body fat, you will receive all of your money back.

If you aren’t thrilled with our program we will give you 100% of your money back… no questions asked.

Get it today…

$197 $37 (Limited Special)

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