The Next Wave of Affiliate Marketing

NEW for Fall of 2020 Kettlebell Home Workout Program:

Here’s the affiliate link format for our new course.

Visual Impact Kettlebells (female cover)

Visual Impact Kettlebells (male cover)

NEW Visual Impact Kettlebells | Affiliate Page *Click Here for Swipes*

Here’s the affiliate link format for the rest of my products.

I realize some people just want that stuff so they can begin promoting.

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  • Visual Impact Ageless
  • Visual Impact Kettlebells
  • Fat Loss Boost $20 Price Point
  • High Carb Fat Loss
  • Visual Impact Muscle Building
  • Visual Impact for Women
  • Visual Impact Cardio
  • Visual Impact Frequency Training

Payout to you is 75% of sale.

Most of our products go for $37 with upsells. According to Clickbank the average affiliate earning per sale is $25.90.

So just 4 sales per day to make over $3,000 per month. 11 sales per day to make over $100,000 per year.

My name is Rusty Moore and I’ve been a full-time fitness affiliate for over 10 years.

I was able to quit my job BEFORE having my own fitness products.

So I know affiliate marketing better than the typical product owner who has never lived off 100% affiliate income.

The Easiest Way to Build a Long-Term Affiliate Business in 2019?

  1. Focus on list building.
  2. Entertain people while helping them achieve their goals.
  3. Mix in personal stories, tips and product recommendations.

The fitness market is becoming a noisy place.

It’s hard to get somebody’s attention long enough for them to look at your sales page… or a sales page you are promoting as an affiliate.

The only long-term way to cut through this noise is by sharing YOUR personal experiences and personal story.

The “10 Rules for a Flat Belly” type of article or banner?

It doesn’t stand a chance against you and your story.

Share your story.

To your list

…and on your blog (if you enjoy writing).

If you hate to write or would rather make videos?

Do the combo of Youtube and list building.

Write and share helpful content.

Add Your Personal Flavor to Your Marketing

Right now, bots and Artificial Intelligence is littering the Internet with bland and generic info.

Even human-written content is being outsourced.

The “Human Element” is becoming a rare thing!

The way you are going to stand out in 2019 and going forward is with personality-based marketing.

This is where artificial intelligence falls short.

AND I believe…

This is “The Next Wave” of affiliate marketing.


-Rusty Moore