Visual Impact Courses

The Visual Impact Fitnesscourses are based on workout principles I have used to train fashion models:

The result is a slim, sleek and sophisticated physique that isn’t excessively muscular or bulky.

Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss

Your body RARELY stores carbs as body fat to any significant degree. Almost ALL of the fat you see on your body comes from the FATS you eat.

We have been tricked into believing that carbs are the reason so many people are struggling with excess body fat. Here’s the solution.

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Visual Impact for Women

Visual Impact for Women VIFW Small

Getting BULKY from weight training is a concern for women, yet many personal trainers IGNORE this concern.

Here’s how to lift weights and get lean, while still looking feminine.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building

Gaining untargeted muscle is easy and OVER-RATED. The standard advice for gaining muscle is to concentrate on the “Big 3″ lifts.

The problem with this advice is that it often creates an unbalanced physique. Here’s what to do instead.

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Visual Impact Cardio

Recent studies have shown that the “Afterburn Effect” of intense exercise is LESS than we have been led to believe.

Done properly, cardio helps you get as lean as you desire. Here’s how to get the greatest fat burning effects from cardio.

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Visual Impact Frequency Training

Maximize muscle tone by training your nervous system with FREQUENT low-volume workouts.

This radical approach is perfect for advanced lifters who want to rapidly gain strength and muscle density.

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