About Me

My name is Rusty Moore and I’m a recovering Meathead.

Okay, I never actually went full-blown Meathead but was on that path in the late ’80s through 1999.

Here’s my story of barely avoiding this common tragedy:

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My muscle building journey began in 1987.

The same year The Lost Boys was released.

There were a lot of stellar movies released in 87, like Evil Dead 2 and Predator, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Dancing, etc.

Anyway, back then my goal was to gain as much muscle as possible, as quickly as possible.

This lead to an obsession with bench pressing, squats and deadlifts.

…and an even bigger obsession with protein.

Fast forward to 1999.

Over the course of 12 years I went from a 175 pound skinny kid, to a 225 pound gym rat.

That is a 50 pound gain in muscle!

I’m sure some of that gain was just from getting older and filling out a bit, but a decent gain nonetheless.

This muscle gain created a HUGE problem.

My body was way out of proportion and clothes didn’t fit well.

I’m guessing that 40 of those 50 pounds of muscle were added to my lower body.

My obsession with adding muscle created a cheesy Meat-Head appearance.

  • Massive legs that couldn’t fit into normal pants.
  • Large traps like a WWE wrestler.
  • Muscular, but curvy hips.

I was managing a men’s clothing store at the time (STRUCTURE).

Structure was the men’s version of Express and eventually was named Express Men quite a few years back to strengthen the Express brand name.

I couldn’t fit into most of the pants we sold.

My upper body was about the ideal size that I was after.

…but I had a challenge.

I needed to LOSE about 25-30 pounds of muscle on my lower body.

One problem…

Nobody in the fitness industry was teaching “How to Lose Muscle”!

I had to piece a lot of this together, by examining routines fighters use to “make weight”.

It took about a year to drop the excess muscle in my legs, hips, and butt.

In the process of losing muscle, I mastered how to greatly increase muscle density & muscle tone… WITHOUT adding size.

This is the ideal way for men and women to get in great shape while still fitting into stylish clothing.

From 2003-2007 I worked on the draft to a book to share this knowledge.

…in 2007, I decided to share this knowledge by creating the site Fitness Black Book.

The website quickly took off, as others were looking to get in amazing shape, without adding excess bulk.

In 2007, I took on a client who was a full-time runway model in New York.

Within a few months, I was coaching about a dozen male and female Runway Models through email and Skype.

Shortly after doing this I began to create my Visual Impact courses.

So I make a living teaching men and women how to get in amazing shape while still fitting into stylish clothing.

Exceptional Muscle Tone without Excess Size.

My material isn’t for those looking to add as much muscle as possible.

I believe in helping men and women look great in and out of their clothes.

My experience in training Fashion & Runway Models gives me a unique perspective when it comes to lifting weights.

The bodybuilding physique makes it close to impossible to wear stylish clothing.

If you want to win a bodybuilding show, I’m not your guy.

…but if you want to build a physique that looks great in stylish clothing or completely naked, I can help you do that!


-Rusty Moore