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My “Yacht Bod” Workout Philosophy: A Yacht Bod is a slim and defined physique that isn’t overly muscular. It’s a sophisticated physique that looks equally stunning in dress clothes or a swimsuit.

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101. Is Apple Cider Vinegar the Best Vinegar for Weight Loss?

100. Get Much Stronger With Half the Effort

99. Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?

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95. How These Busy Parents Got in the Best Shape of Their Lives

94. Coffee & Weight Loss: Exciting New Research

93. Is It Possible to Lengthen Telomeres With Diet & Exercise?

92. The Best Carbs That Are Good for Weight Loss?

91. Hollow Holds: A Killer Gymnastics Exercise for Toned Abs

90. The Best Chest Exercise for Square Pecs

89. Victoria’s Secret Workouts | How They Get Runway-Ready

88. How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose

87. Get Rid of Butt Cellulite | High Intensity Thighs & Butt Workout

86. Steady State Cardio vs Interval Training | For Max Fat Loss

85. 5 Exercises That Grow Your Glutes NOT Your Legs

84. Top 4 Drinks That Make Intermittent Fasting Easier

83. Abs After 40 | 5 Workout Tips to Get Ripped Abs

82. LISS vs HIIT | What is the Best form of Cardio for Fat Loss?

81. How to Reduce Face Bloating

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80. 3 Unusual Breathing Techniques to Supercharge Your Workout

79. Is Muscle Memory Real?

78. Is Bread Bad for You?

77. Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine

76. The Best Time to Eat Dinner for Weight Loss

75. Skinny Fat Transformation | Workout and Diet Strategies

74. HIIT Workouts | The Definitive Guide to High Intensity Interval Training

73. How to Lose Face Fat

72. Is Your Hunger Triggered by a Lack of Sodium?

71. Can KIMCHI Help You Lose That Last Bit of Body Fat?

70. How Much Exercise Can Make Up for Sitting All Day?

69. How to Lower Your Body Weight Set Point

68. The Benefits of Eating “Just Enough” Protein

67. The 10 Best Glute Exercises Ranked

66. The 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet Plan

65. Are Your Workouts Too Intense?

64. The 7 Best Landmine Exercises for Tightening Your Physique

63. How to Preserve Muscle While Losing Fat on a Low Calorie Diet

62. Cardio Plus Weights – More Fat Loss Than Cardio Alone

61. How Interval Training Slows the Aging Process

60. Health Benefits of Time-Restricted Eating

59. How to Get in Shape in the Fall

58. How to Lose Weight on Any Diet

57. The Best Abs Workout Article

56. Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss

55. How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

54. Walking for Weight Loss

53. Do Carbs Make You Fat?

52. Does Your Sweat Smell Sexy?

51. The Whoosh Effect – Losing Fat Before Losing Weight

50. The Importance of Strength Training for Women

49. Ketogenic Diet Benefits & Challenges

48. Alcohol and Fitness

47. Slower Rep Speed for Greater Fat Loss?

46. Training Your Abs Properly With an Ab Wheel

45. How to Fix Dead Butt Syndrome

44. High Protein Diet Hack for Weight Loss

43. 15 Minute Jump Rope Workout for Fat Loss

42. The Military Diet Plan

41. How to Maintain Muscle While Dieting

40. Using Exercise to Decrease Your Appetite

39. 10 Filling Foods for Steady Weight Loss

38. Diet and Depression (New Scientific Findings)

37. The One Minute Workout Review

36. Free Weights + Machines = Workout Synergy

35. The Dark Side of Weight Training

34. 18 Years of Intermittent Fasting

33. Chicken Salad for Weight Loss (Recipe)

32. Disappointing Stir Fry Chicken for Fat loss (Recipe)

31. Dull Soup for Fat Loss (Recipe)

30. Bland Meals That Help You Get Lean in a Hurry

29. Fitness Wisdom from the 1980’s Part Three

28. Fitness Wisdom from the 1980’s Part Two

27. Fitness Wisdom from the 1980’s

26. An Upper Limit to Calories Burned Per Day?

25. How to Do the Potato Hack

24. The Potato Hack for Rapid Fat Loss

23. How to Get Fit Using Interval Training

22. How to Increase VO2 Max to Speed Up Fat Loss

21. When is it Time to Change Your Workout

20. How to Get Rid of Food Poisoning

19. The Onset of Food Poisoning

18. Symptoms of Food Poisoning

17. Which Workouts Burn the Most Calories

16. How Intense Workouts Burn Fat While You Rest

15. How Intense Workouts Can Speed Up Fat Loss

14. Circuit Training for Fat Loss Explained

13. The Afterburn Effect Revisited

12. Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements

11. Top 4 Natural Appetite Suppressants

10. How to Tame Your Appetite

9. Body Image and the Male Body

8. Body Image and the Female Body

7. Body Image and Unrealistic Role Models

6. Best Anti-Aging Workout Routines

5. How to Slow Down the Aging Process

4. Aging Gracefully is for Underachievers

3. Strength Without Size (Workout Guidelines)

2. Strength Without Size (High Voltage Lifting)

1. How to Gain Strength Without Excess Size

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Tips on getting in shape without adding excess bulk. My approach helps men and women slim down like heroes (or villains) in James Bond movies.