Starting Over: After 8 years and 25+ million visitors, I decided to scrap my fitness blog and start from scratch. Here’s why…

Body Image and Unrealistic Role Models: If you are built like Chris Rock, I can’t make you look like Chris Hemsworth. Rants about this, the SHE SQUATS phenomenon, negative body image, and more.

Gain Strength Without Excess Size: Do you enjoy baggy bodybuilder pants with fanny packs? You will hate this post! Here’s how to become strong and lean, without looking like a gym dork.

Aging Gracefully is for Underachievers: Just looking good for your age is such a mediocre goal to shoot for. Are you over 35? Congrats! YOU ARE NOW OLD and need to read this. Fight for your youth!

Taming Your Appetite: I have found a few effective foods and supplements for appetite control. I’ll show you what works and how to combine for even better results. 

The Afterburn Effect (Revisited): Recent research has shown the calories burned after a workout are much less than previously believed. This 5 part article explores the afterburn effect in more detail: What we know, what we don’t know, how to maximize fat loss, etc.

Trouble in Paradise: Want to lose 25 pounds in 3 days? I’ve got the blueprint! It involves grocery store sushi food poisoning. Works even better when you are away from home.

“Moving On” – When to Quit a Workout Program: Is your workout program getting sucky results? Are you sick of the suck-i-ness? It may be time to move on to a program that sucks much less.

Raise Your VO2 Max to Accelerate Fat Loss: Increasing your VO2 Max improves your ability to release stored body fat. Basically the more aerobically fit you get, the easier it is to get lean.

The Potato Hack…for Rapid Fat Loss: Eating nothing but potatoes for 3-5 days at a time, to rapidly drop body fat? Probably the cheapest and easiest fat loss method I’ve ever come across. 

An Upper Limit to Calories Burned Per Day?: Some scientists now believe that the body limits how many calories are burned per day. As you exercise more, the body adjusts by lowering BMR.

Fitness Wisdom from the 1980’s: What fitness methods did rockers, new wavers, jocks, preppies, punk rockers, metal heads, dweebs, and honor students use to get lean in the 80’s?

Bland Meals That Help You Get Lean Quickly: Research suggests that tasty foods may be the reason so many struggle to stay lean. I present to you my “bland meal” fat loss strategy.

18 Years of Intermittent Fasting: My struggle and battle online to get acceptance for Intermittent Fasting 10+ years ago… and the most effective variation. 

The Dark Side of Progressive Resistance Training: Exercise is supposed to make us feel better, but often creates life-long injuries. At some point pushing for higher strength levels does more harm than good.

Free Weights + Machines = Workout Synergy: Beginners are comfortable with machines. Intermediates believe that real lifters only use free weights. Experienced, wise and good looking lifters use both.

The One Minute Workout: Recent research is challenging the idea of time & exercise. Intense exercise is in some ways like traveling at the speed of light.

More Articles Coming Soon…