The 7 Best Landmine Exercises for Tightening Your Physique


Most people haven’t used the landmine device outside of doing rows.

Here are other ways to benefit from the unique resistance pattern that the landmine provides.

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This device challenges your muscles in a way that is quite a bit different than traditional barbell exercises.

You are using a barbell, but one end is anchored to the floor.

Many gyms already have a landmine setup.

There is also a company called Rogue Fitness that sells devices you can use along with Olympic plates or attach to a power rack.

If you have access to the corner of the room…

…you can simply brace one end of the barbell in the corner to do landmine exercises.

It’s also simple to make your own anchoring device.

One guy came up with something brilliantly simple.

He created a “portable corner” made of wood.

This would be really easy to make.

Once you have the ability to do landmine exercises, which ones do you choose?

There are dozens of solid choices.

Here is what I consider to be the top landmine exercise for each muscle group.

Since butt-mania is at an all-time high, we will start there.

1. Best Landmine Exercise for Your Butt: Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

This is the ideal exercise if you want to work your glutes, without building size in your legs.

Ben Bruno seems to be the top trainer to specialize in landmine exercises.

He trains a bunch of famous people like Kate Upton, Jim Parsons, Chelsea Handler, models, etc.

Here is a video of him performing Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts.

He’s doing it from a dead-stop, which I believe is more effective than doing continuous reps for this movement.

He has a video of Kate Upton performing it, but her form is only about 98% as good as his.

Sorry, Kate…

With a little more practice, you might just get featured on Visual Impact Fitness  (what a girl wants, what a girl needs).

I know you have been patiently waiting and I appreciate it.

2. Best Landmine Exercise for Your Legs: Landmine Squat

In this video, Ben Bruno is giving a great tip on how to hold the bar properly when doing landmine squats.

The key is to hold onto the very end of the bar…

…and use your thumbs as padding between the bar and your chest.

There are videos of Jim Parsons and Kate Upton doing this exercise on Ben’s channel.

I know they are both hurting for money and fame…

…they just didn’t demonstrate proper grip as well as Ben (it was a close call).

Maybe next time, guys!

3. Best Landmine Exercise for Your Core: Anti-Rotational “Core Crusher”

This is a much safer exercise on your spine than Russian Twists.

There are countless ways to target your abs muscle.

There are fewer options for hitting the obliques.

The exercise demonstrated here is killer for oblique work.

The obliques are resisting rotation.

They have to contract hard, which is exactly what you are aiming for to create firm obliques.

4. Best Landmine Exercise for Back: T-Bar Row

Using a neutral grip with hands facing each other puts you in the strongest position for rowing movements.

Some gyms have a station set up for this exercise…

…but I wanted to show a video of someone doing a T-Bar row with standard gym equipment.

I believe the T-Bar row is a better exercise for back development than a standard barbell row.

With a barbell row…

…your lower back has to work a lot harder since the weight is out in front of your knees.

With a T-bar, the weight is further back, so you aren’t as limited by lower back strength.

Less chance for injury as well.

5. Best Landmine Exercise for Chest: Kneeling Chest Press

This exercise is perfect for targetting the upper chest and inner chest when performed properly.

This part of the chest is tough to target with traditional exercises, so this is a great one to add to your chest routine.

Here’s a video demonstrating perfect form.

One thing to avoid is leaning too far forward.

When you lean forward it becomes a shoulder exercise and won’t target your upper pecs as much.

This will make sense when you see the next exercise demonstration which targets your shoulders.

6. Best Landmine Exercise for Shoulders: Kneeling Shoulder Press

This video shows how to lean forward into the movement properly to target shoulders instead of the upper chest.

Doing it one arm at a time as demonstrated also targets the core.

You can also do this standing for a more explosive power movement.

Either way will work depending on your goal.

7. Best Landmine Exercise for Fat Loss: Landmine Complexes

This is another one of Ben Bruno’s videos.

(Ben recorded a Kate Upton version, but this version is just slightly more helpful.)

Here are the exercises involved in this complex.

*10 squat-to-presses
*10 single arm presses per arm
*10 single leg RDLs per leg
*10 single arm rows per arm
*10 reverse lunges per leg

This is a pretty brutal workout that only takes 3 minutes.

Ideally, you would rest 2-3 minutes then repeat this 2-3 more times depending upon your level of conditioning.

Kate Upton’s video is good, but this is maybe 1% better when it comes to proper form.


In a few of her videos, she wears white.

I don’t recommend wearing white if you get sweaty because white clothing can become sort of see-through or show dirt.

Luckily not an issue in her videos.

I’ll include one just because, but the other videos WAY more helpful.

See what I mean?

Hopefully, the rest of the videos give you some ideas of how to incorporate a few landmine exercises into your routine.

The landmine device is simply another way to add variety to your workout.

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Give it a shot.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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