Should You Take Creatine While Trying to Lose Weight?


I just read an article over on titled:

“Everyone Should Use Creatine – The Hidden Health Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate”.

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It’s a well-written piece.

I’ll discuss that article in a sec.

First, let me address the main topic of this article.

Is Creatine fine to take while losing weight?

Creatine works by adding volume to muscle cells, makes muscle cells hold more water. With more water in your muscle cells, it is likely that you will weigh more. Creatine is NOT ideal if your only focus is losing weight.

Weight loss shouldn’t be your only goal when trying to look your best.

A better approach is to focus on FAT loss.

People with tight and toned physiques oftentimes weigh more than someone who is skinny fat.

woman with toned physique and abs who takes creatine

Let’s discuss that article suggesting that everyone should take creatine.

I agree with most of the article, but still think there are specific body types that benefit more from creatine that others.

Someone who is skinny or skinny fat should definitely consider taking creatine ASAP.

Here’s a picture of a skinny fat man who would be a perfect candidate for creatine monohydrate.

skinny fat man should take creatine monohydrate

The creatine would quickly add volume to his shoulders, chest and arms and it would minimize the appearance of his belly fat.

He would look MUCH better in just 4-6 weeks.

Then he could slowly lose body fat to reveal even more muscle definition.

People who are a bit bulky are a different story.

If a person is bulky with excess fat they probably would want to avoid creatine until they leaned down a bit.

skinny fat man should take creatine monohydrate

In this case, I would recommend that this guy drop about 20-25 pounds WITHOUT taking creatine.

He could add in creatine once he got quite a bit lighter.

This would fill the muscles back up once he got lean and he would look better than ever.

I cover creatine strategies in Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Creatine works for women as well.

I think it works best for a woman once she is close to her target weight, or if she feels like she can’t see as much muscle definition after dieting.

skinny young woman

This woman would be an example of another perfect candidate for creatine.

She already looks awesome, but creatine would add just a hint of more definition and enhance her curves.


Not criticizing her physique at all (she looks great).

In summary:

  • Creatine is perfect for skinny people or if someone is skinny fat.
  • It will also increase muscle definition if you feel your diet is flattening out your muscles.
  • Ideal to introduce after you hit your target weight.

Hope this helps,

The article pointed out something I never thought about:

Taking creatine to fight the effects of sarcopenia (the muscle loss that occurs with aging).

creatine for middle aged adults


If you are older, creatine may be even more effective.

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-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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