When Should You Change up Your Workout Routine?


I feel like a human lab rat when it comes to workout routines.

I’ve belonged to a commercial gym for the past 29 years.  During that time, I’ve tested out a variety of radically different workout programs.

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More often than not, they don’t work as well as my go-to programs.

…but we all need variety.

I’m currently about 1/2 way through trying out an approach where I lift weights just one time per week.

My strength is up, but I’m looking a bit “skinny fat”.

I planned on sticking with this new program through the end of December and give it a full 8 weeks…

…but I’ve changed my mind.

“My mind has changed, my body’s frame, but god I like it. My heart’s aflame my body’s strained, but god I like it.”TV On The Radio

The current workout I’m following isn’t a fit for me.

It’s outlined here (opens in a new window).

It neglects an important psychological benefit of training hard a few times per week. I simply feel more positive with frequent training.

I became a little lazy and apathetic with 1 workout per week.

I have had a hard time motivating myself this past month.

My body craves an intense challenge more than once per week.

Yesterday, I tried to do a pretty moderate cardio workout on the stepmill after lifting weights.

I had an extremely tough time completing 20 minutes.

In just 4 weeks, I’ve become out-of-shape aerobically.

When my aerobic conditioning is good, I feel more alive.

Richard Branson lists keeping fit as his #1 secret to productivity.

It gives him energy to accomplish more during the day.

Branson’s exercise of choice is kitesurfing. 

I do think the one workout per week could work for someone with a physically active job…or someone who plays a sport a few times per week, etc.

If you sit at a desk like me, you are probably going to need more.

When should you quit a workout program?

It’s a simple answer:

When the results you are experiencing are significantly slower than a program you have used in the past.

It’s just logical…

If you know there is a better option, use that one instead.

Quitting isn’t always a bad thing.

An End Has a Start is a song title that captures this perfectly…

“I won’t disappoint you, as you fall apart. Some things should be simpleEven an end has a start.” – Editors

If your workout program isn’t a good fit for you?

Move on!

The older I get, the more I understand the importance of time.

Life is too short to be skinny fat!

Note to self: Probably a bad slogan for a motivational poster.

Don’t start a workout program that is obviously a bad fit for you.

I enjoy going to the gym, so limiting this was a bad idea from the start. I also sit at my desk during the day. If I don’t get in a few intense workout sessions I quickly become out-of-shape.

Some people like the less-exercise-and-less-calories approach to getting lean.

I do better with more calories and more exercise.

I definitely know that now!

Life is too short to miss champagne brunches (better slogan).

I realize most of this stuff is obvious, but this is just a reminder.

  • If you hate the gym, don’t begin a program that requires you to spend a lot of time in a commercial gym.
  • If you like free weights, it’s probably best that you avoid programs that focus 100% on bodyweight exercises.
  • If you love to run and get good results from it, there is no need to use a circuit training program to get lean.
  • etc.

It’s fine to test new approaches, but only stick to these tests if they show promise after 3-4 weeks.

Every program that has worked well for me, showed promise within a few weeks.

It doesn’t matter if they worked wonders for anyone else.

The only programs you should stick with are ones that work for YOU.

I tend to stick with losing strategies for too long.

I don’t want you to make that same mistake.

One last thing…

This is my last post of the year so I’ll end with a legendary song. 

I think this qualifies as “legendary”.

The best live performance of one of the best Rock songs of all-time.

Enjoy your holidays !

"Visual Impact Kettlebells" - Home Workout Course
A kettlebell course we filmed on the beach in Costa Rica, aimed at helping you get slim and lean without adding bulk.


-Rusty Moore

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When Should You Change up Your Workout Routine?