Simple Diet Tip: Ride the Diet “Hunger Wave” to Get Lean


Some people are lucky enough to never experience hunger while on a fat loss diet.

They can “eat all they want” while following a good diet structure and continue to lose weight.

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Most of us need to watch calories to lose weight.

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What I’ve noticed?

Some people drop weight immediately after making the switch to lowering fat and increasing carbs…

slim woman weight loss

Others have to watch calorie intake a bit more closely.

Regardless of diet plan…

Most people will have to allow themselves to get hungry from time to time to get exceptionally lean.

Luckily, hunger comes in waves.

More Time without food does NOT equal More Hunger.

Your hunger hormone Ghrelin will peak when you are accustomed to eating…

…but then will decrease if you go 2 hours past this point without food.

Here’s what happens during a 24-hour fast.


Ghrelin peaked at lunch, dinner and breakfast.


Even WITHOUT food this hunger hormone dips back down to normal levels.

With a bit of time, hunger passes.

The biggest mistake I see dieters make is never letting a hunger wave pass by.

They eat at the first sign of discomfort, not realizing that this wave will pass.

In fact…

For rapid fat loss, I would recommend purposely letting at least a few hunger waves pass you by each week.

Once you master this?

It is just a matter of time to get lean.

Note: Here’s an interesting fact about carbs:

It takes sustained intense overfeeding for them to get stored as body fat.

I wrote an article called Are Carbs Making Us Fat that discusses an interesting study.

The goal of the study was to purposely try to add body fat with a high carb diet.

Get this…

The body didn’t begin to convert carbs to fat until day 5 (and the subjects were eating 1,000 grams of carbs and 5,000+ calories per day for 5 days straight).

“The participants could barely do it. They were cramming bagels down their throats while the researchers were begging them to persevere.”

“In other words, the participants could hardly eat enough carbs per day to get any of those carbs stored as fat.”

carbs don't get stored as body fat

Carbs RARELY get converted to body fat.

When you eat carbs they CAN make the fat you eat get stored as fat…

The fat on your body is from that FAT you eat, NOT carbs.

This is why I highly recommend increasing your carbs and limiting your fat intake.

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A lot of people don\'t understand that hunger comes in waves. You don\'t get hungrier as time passes on, you just have to wait out a short hunger wave. #hungercontrol #hungerwaves #hungerpains #curbhunger #diettip #diettips #dietingplanstoloseweight #healthydiet


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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