Does High Carb Fat Loss Really Work?


Carb-cutting seems to be the method of choice for losing weight these days.

  • Carbs cause the body to release insulin.
  • Insulin is the hormone that stores body fat

…but for the most part it isn’t the carbs themselves that get stored as fat.

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It’s the FAT you eat that gets stored as body fat.

What happens when you simply limit fat?

An Olympic Trainer in Iceland, Mark Kislich, has been on a high carb low-fat diet for about 5 years.

Mark likes to say “The fat you eat, is the fat you wear”.

He stays ripped by limiting the fat he eats.

I messaged him on FB asking him for another pic.

He snapped this photo yesterday and sent it over.

Mark is in his mid 40’s.

He also is dealing with a nasty shoulder injury and has barely been able to train the past 9 months.

After sending this, he messaged me:

“I usually look better, but I was pretty much out of all intense training: both lifting and Judo since January.”

I know you are probably thinking that Mark is just a guy with a crazy high metabolism.


On the left is Mark at 265 pounds before he got serious about diet (about 11 years ago). The picture on the right is when I met him (around 8 years ago).

He got sort of lean eating a typical vegetarian diet.

Then 5 years ago, reduced the fat down to 10% and increase the carbs to 80%.

He has been in extraordinary condition since that time…

…but has hid from the camera for 5 years.

In Spring of 2017 he emerged from the Batcave.

I’m slightly older than Mark and have felt pretty fit for my age.

That was until Mark transformed into a SUPERHERO.

I have grilled Mark for months about his secret.

The result?

high carb fat loss courseMark and I have created a heart-healthy way to drop body fat while improving your metabolism in the process.

High Carb Fat Loss (Online Course)

We understand that Keto is the current trend.

On the sales page, I talk about how I’ve been friends with many of the guys who started the Paleo and Primal movement for 10+ years.

I have tried keto and low carbs many times over the years…

…but getting drastically better results with this diet.

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In our group we share recipes, diet tips, etc.

I don’t have FB Groups for any of my other courses, because I simply don’t have the time…

…but I’m extremely active in this Group as is Mark.

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High Carb Fat Loss (Online Course)

Does High Carb Fat Loss Really Work?


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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