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Note: These articles were written by me, but originally posted on Fitness Black Book. They are older articles, but most of the info is still relevant.

10 Thousand Calorie Burn Challenge (All Day Workout)

How to Gain Strength Without Reaching a Plateau

6 Reasons to Avoid ‘The Pump’ During Your Workouts

6 Types of Body Fat and How to Get Rid of It

7 Common Strength Training Mistakes to Avoid

No-Equipment Home Workout Plan for Fat Loss

How to Get Toned Abs Fast

15 Fitness Motivation Quotes | Inspiration for Your Workout

15 Inspirational Fitness Quotes to Get You Motivated to Work Out

15 Workout Quotes to Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Ab Exercises That Don’t Cause Back Pain

Age Muscle Tone and Muscle Maturity

An Aggressive Diet Plan That Really Works

An Interesting Calorie Strategy for Fat Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar for Belly Fat Loss in 1 Week

Here’s Why You Should Include Push-ups in Your Workout

The Benefits of Explosive Strength Training

What is The Best Abdominal Exercise to Get Six Pack Abs?

What Are the Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss?

Best Cardio Workouts That Stop Hunger

The Best Exercises for Each Muscle Group?

Your Best Option When Going Bald

Black Friday (Limited Release)

Body Weight Exercises: Tips for Gaining Strength

Why Bodybuilding Split Routines Are NOT Ideal

Booty Workout Finisher – Do THIS After Every Leg Workout!

Are Brief Workouts Such a Good Idea?

Bruce Lee Abs | Lee’s Secret Exercise to Get Six Pack Abs

How to Build Muscle With Body Weight Training

Can You Work Your Abs Every Day?

The Best Core Exercises for Flat Abs

Unusual but Effective Creative Circuit Training Workouts for Fat Loss

Does Rep Count Even Matter for Building Muscle

When to Drop Isolation Exercises from Your Workout

How to Use Push-ups for a Bigger Bench Press

How Effective is Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

How to Gain Muscle While Losing Body Fat

Does Muscle Really Increase Metabolism That Much?

The Worst Muscle Building Mistakes

How to Get Lean and Strong at the Same Time

How to Do Hanging Power Cleans for Muscle Definition

How Height Affects Your Metabolism

How Interval Training Boosts Endurance

How to Build Bigger Arms | Biceps and Triceps Exercises

How to Double Your Pull-Ups and Push-Ups

How to Long Does it Take to Get a Six Pack?

How to Use Hindu Squats for Fat Loss

How Women React To Ripped Men

How to Increase Your Youthful Growth Hormone Naturally

Why Increasing Your Grip Strength Matters

Inner Thigh Gap & Slim Waist Workout

Kiwi Fruit: The One True Superfood

Lifting With “Light Weights” to Gain Strength & Definition?

Unpopular Opinion… Limit Saturated Fat

How to Go on a Low Calorie Diet Without Losing Muscle

The Mind Games of Losing Body Fat

Are Muscle Confusion Workouts Overrated?

How Muscle Maturity Can Make You Look Better with Age

The Best Muscle Tone Tips from the Former Soviet Union

How to Train for Muscle Tone VS Muscle Mass

How to Do One Arm Push Ups for 20 Reps

The One Barbell Circuit Workout

When to Skip the Post Workout Shake

How Much Protein Do We Really Need Per Day

Soviet Strength Training Secrets

Why Pyramid Sets Aren’t Ideal for Strength Training

How Much Muscle is Ideal for Your Body Type

How Speed of Lifting Can Affect Fat Loss

Resistance Band Exercises for Chest & Shoulders

Resistant Starch Diet Success Stories

The Smart Way to Build Muscle

How Long to Rest Between Sets | Muscle Mass VS Definition

Why Are Six Pack Abs So Rare?

Standing Military Press Benefits | Hit the Correct Muscles

Starting Over With a New Blog

How to Stay Lean With Minimal Hunger

Strength Training + Low Calorie Diet + Interval Training = Sexy Body

How to Train for Muscle Definition

Stubborn Body Fat Caused by Too Much Estrogen?

5 Summer Workout Tips for the Beach

The 30 Day Potato Diet Challenge

The 8 Best Supersets (YOU’RE NOT DOING!!)

The Best Time to Workout When Fasting

The Most Effective Six Pack Abs Exercise

Why the Old School One Arm Military Press is so Effective

The Whoosh Effect (Squishy Fat)

How Thick Bar Training Increases Upper Body Strength

Tighten Your Obliques Without Adding Size With These Isometric Exercises

Why Time Under Tension is Important for Muscle Tone

How to Fix a Skinny Fat Body

Partial Reps to Increase Your Strength and Muscle Definition

Visual Impact Home Workout Course Launch (April 15th – April 19th)

Should You Worry About Weak Muscle Groups

What Male Body Type Do Girls Like?

What’s the Ideal Workout Intensity for Quick Fat Loss?

5 Swimsuit Workout Tips for Summer

8 Exercises I WISH I Did Years Ago! (WASTED GAINS)

How to Avoid a Weight Loss Plateau

How Interval Training Boosts Fat Loss

How to Best Combine Machines and Free Weights

illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Review – Does It Really Regrow Hair?

When Did Muscle Tone Become a Bad Word?

5 Summer Workout Tips for the Beach

The Best Ab Wheel is the Cheap “Old School” Version

What’s the Best Cardio Intensity for Fat Loss