Booty Workout Finisher – Do THIS After Every Leg Workout!

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I’m a fan of “workout finishers” whenever you are trying to take a muscle group to the next level.

Booty Workout Finisher - Do THIS After Every Leg Workout

When growing your glutes this can work exceptionally well.

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Since we spend so much of our day sitting, it can lead to dead butt syndrome.

Here’s a video showing a simple but effective booting workout finisher.

This one is exceptionally good because it is simply one superset of a few exercises done back-to-back on a medicine ball.

As far as your actual main booty building workout goes…

I have written a detailed post on the highest ranking glute exercises (according to scientific research).

The 10 Best Glute Exercises Ranked

Make sure and include some of these in your main glute workout.

Then use the booty workout finisher demonstrated in the video above.

I'm a fan of


-Rusty Moore

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