illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Review – Does It Really Regrow Hair?


There have been several hair loss restoration breakthrough the past few years and laser caps might be the most exciting.

Although there are several brands to choose from…

They all aren’t created equal.

In this article I want to make a case for illumiflow 272 Laser Cap as being your best option.

First, I want to cover laser caps in general.

Do Laser Caps Really Regrow Hair?

laser cap works for women

I was skeptical of laser caps until I saw the results of a 2013 study.

The study involved 41 subjects.

It found that laser treatment resulted in a 39% increase in hair growth in just 16 weeks.

This is substantial for a painless and simple procedure.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Boosts Blood Flow to Your Hair Roots, Bringing Nutrients that Your Hair Needs to Grow.

lasers activate dead hair follicles

This used to be something that required a doctor’s visit.

The problem is that in order for laser hair loss treatment to work, it required ongoing visits to the clinic.

I found that it isn’t uncommon to pay upwards of $30,000 for effective laser hair restoration performed in a clinic.

This price put it out of reach for the majority of the population.

Low Level Light Therapy Hasn’t Been a Realistic Option Until Just the Past 2-3 Years.

female hair loss patterns

Laser caps bust onto the scene just a few years ago.

The first one to get FDA clearance, Capillus, sells for $3,000.

This is a bargain compared to going to a clinic, but still out of the reach of most people.

illumiflow received their FDA clearance for shortly after.

The illumiflow 272 Laser Cap Was the First Effective High-End Laser Cap Solution Offered for Under $1,000.

Before this, your only option for a 272 Diode laser cap was Capillus for $3,000.

Soon after illumiflow received their patent, several copy-cat brands emerged that “piggy backed” on illumiflow’s patent.

This is a way for them to get FDA clearance based on the work illumiflow did with the FDA (they used illumiflow as a “predicate device”).

Why is all of this FDA stuff important?

illumiflow 272 review

The illumiflow 272 laser cap has been examined under deep scrutiny by the FDA.

Many copy-cat companies have cut corners.

Here are some important features of the illumiflow 272 laser cap.

  • Treatments last for only 30 minutes, 3 times per week
  • Can be used for up to 20,000 treatment sessions
  • Lasers calibrated to 650nm for optimal scalp penetration
  • 30 minute automatic shutoff (no need to worry about a timer)
  • Advanced cooling technology to protect the lasers
  • 272 premium laser diodes, situated for full scalp coverage

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There is an important point I should make about laser treatment.

Ideally you should begin laser cap treatments as soon as you begin noticing thinning hair.

Important: Don’t Wait This Long to Begin Laser Cap Therapy!

mail pattern baldness treated with laser cap

Laser caps work best at keeping all the hair you have and then slowly bringing back the dormant hair follicles to regrow hair again.

This works best when the hair is thinning.

It will fill in the hair over a period of a few months, but won’t help you if you reach advanced stages of balding.

The sooner you begin, the better your results will be.

Here are a few customer photos from the illumiflow website.

before and after laser cap treatment

The earlier you address this problem, the better laser treatment will work for you.

I actually began searching for options for one of my nephews who’s hair is thinning at the age of 20.

I’m 50 and lost most of my hair at the age of 30 (shaved my head because it was so thin and wispy). 

I’m fine with it now.

Here’s a Recent Picture of Me (50 years old)… I’m Fortunate to Have a Decent Shaped Head.

hair loss shaved head

My nephew isn’t as fortunate.

His head is shaped kind of odd.

He has also had great hair all of his life and this is a source of pride, so losing his hair is really stressing him out.

I’m fine with being bald now, since I’m middle-aged, but I suffered in my 20’s.

Here’s a picture of me in 1989 (age 19).

My hair was already starting to thin a bit.

We didn’t have laser cap treatments available back then.

Here’s How the illumiflow 272 Laser Cap works.

illumiflow 272 laser cap how it works

Red light energy from the laser cap is able to stimulate and re-energize the mitochondria of your cells.

Once recovered to optimal health, the mitochondria are able to reproduce of their own accord and repair the scalp just like they were meant to.

The result is new hair growth from previously-dormant follicles.

It would have been a game-changer for my confidence levels to have kept most of this hair throughout my 20’s.

You almost lose part of what makes you look unique when you lose your hair.

I’ve accepted it and I’m fortunate to look okay without hair.

I’m cool with it but…

I can’t even imagine what a woman goes through mentally when her hair is thinning.

female hair loss

I grew up with two sisters.

If one of them got a bad haircut they weren’t fun to be around.

Women definitely have it worse when it comes to hair loss… if they do lose their hair it has to be 10X more traumatic than a man losing his hair.

Luckily laser caps like The illumiflow 272 are an option now for both men and women.

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