Black Friday (Limited Release)

Visual Impact Final Burn is the 6th premium Visual Impact course.

This course is only available from Black Friday until 11:59 PM on Cyber Monday.

On Monday night we will disable the order button. It will be launched to the general public in the Spring of 2020 with a proper sales page and where it will eventually be sold for $37.

Here’s your only chance to get it for $17.

$37 $17


What do I mean by “Final Burn”?

This course teaches you how to finish off your current workout, with 15-minute resistance training routines aimed at burning calories at the fastest possible rate.

Other people have created circuit training or metabolic resistance training courses, but those routines aren’t practical in a commercial gym.

I wanted to teach routines that people would actually use.

Here are just a few highlights from the course:

  • How to lift weights in a way that will burn calories at the FASTEST possible rate… using almost any standard exercise in your gym.
  • The world’s leading expert on energy expenditure believes we have been DRASTICALLY underestimating calories burned during resistance traininghow to use this info to our advantage.
  • How to turn a regular exercise into a FAT-TORCHING calorie-burning workout by paying attention to “Anaerobic Recovery”.
  • A breakthrough I stumbled upon when it comes to rest periods in between sets… and the embarrassing story behind it.
  • How to improve CO2 tolerance with metabolic resistance training. This will allow you to train harder and burn more calories each and every workout.
  • How to torch body fat with just ONE exercise… instead of attempting a complicated circuit training routine in a busy gym.
  • The option of using TWO exercises to experience Peripheral Heart Actiona fat loss method developed in the 1940s.
  • How to fit Metabolic Resistance Training into your CURRENT workout program to experience an increase in fat loss.
  • A full weekly workout plan, in case you don’t have a workout program you are following… or simply want a NEW workout program to follow.
  • A Private Facebook Group in case you have questions or want to meet others who are using this program.
  • …and MUCH more.

I haven’t created a new course in 2+ years.

I wanted to do this private release for $17 for my people who subscribe to my newsletter or read my blog as a way to say “thank you”.

$37 $17


On Monday night we will shut this down.

Then in Spring 2020 we will create a snazzy sales page and all that and do an official launch (final price will be $37).

This is in the same crisp mobile-friendly format as all of my other courses (not a pdf).


You can read while laying down on your couch when all that food is digesting 🙂