Kiwi Fruit: The One True Superfood

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I think that the word “superfood” is seriously overused.

Kiwi Fruit The One True Superfood

I’m slowly becoming a believer in the magic of potatoes, but I’m skeptical when it seems that almost everything is being labeled as a superfood.

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I’ve even seen butter being called a superfood.

Here’s a video that makes a pretty darn strong case for kiwi fruit to possibly be considered a superfood.

Kiwi has more fiber, vitamin C vitamin E, and vitamin K than oranges, apples, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.

It also helps you absorb more iron from the foods you eat.


Many people are now carb-phobic and fruit-phobic due to rise in popularity of the keto diet.

I explain why this is a non-issue in this blog post:

Are Carbs Making Us Fat?

What is crazy is that I have heard some recent cases of scurvy from people not getting enough vitamin C since they are avoiding carbs.

Not good!

I'm becoming a believer in the magic of potatoes, but I'm skeptical of all the foods now being labeled as a superfood. Here's the superfood power of kiwi fruit.


-Rusty Moore

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