Bruce Lee Abs | Lee’s Secret Exercise to Get Six Pack Abs


I read an article in a magazine about 10 years ago about an ab exercise that Bruce Lee used to do to help him get six pack abs.

I forgot the name of the exercise, so I did a Google search, a Youtube search, an MSN search, and finally a Yahoo search.

This exercise is nowhere to be found on the internet, so I’m calling it his “secret” exercise.

Bruce Lee Had Phenomenal Abs.

He was one of the first movie stars of his day to truly have amazing abs. Even by today’s standard his abs are very defined.

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I really enjoyed watching his movies. If you are young and haven’t seen any of his stuff, you can go over to and watch many of his best clips.

So What is his Secret Ab Exercise?

I’m going to call this exercise “Breath of Dragon”, because it sounds really cool. I could picture a wise Kung Fu instructor telling his young student (with a newly shaved head) about the “Breath of Dragon” in a remote temple up in the mountains 🙂


It is a breathing and ab flexing exercise that builds tone in your abs by increasing the mind-to-muscle link.

I recommend adding this to your current abs workout routine.

The “Breath of Dragon” Explained

  1. First, you want to breathe in.
  2. Then you want to simultaneously flex your abs hard while breathing out. Here is the trick… you want to purse your lips and make it a bit hard to force the air out.

It should take you about 5-10 seconds to force all of the air out. As you let the air out of your lungs your abs should have the ability to flex harder and harder.

What the Heck Does This Do?

This exercise “sharpens” up your abs quite a bit. You will want to practice this in front of a mirror (at home please).

Once you have expelled all of the air, your abs should look defined (provided your body fat is low enough). What happens is that over time, your abs will look this way even when you aren’t flexing them!

The “Breath of Dragon” Increases the Mind-to-Muscle Link in Your Abs

Kung Fu Challenge

Have you ever thought about what is involved in flexing a muscle? Your brain sends nerve impulses to your muscle to command that muscle to flex.

Do you have a certain muscle that is easy for you to flex?

That muscle has a strong mind-to-muscle link. What is the most toned muscle on your body? Most likely it is the muscle that you can flex the easiest (the one with the strongest mind-to-muscle link). How do you increase the mind-to-muscle link in a muscle that you want to tone? Practice flexing that muscle!

***Please Read The Above Paragraph Twice… Nobody ever talks about this concept!***

Tips on Improving the Results You Get With “Breath of Dragon”

You can practice this exercise daily, since there isn’t any muscle breakdown like you get in resistance exercise. I like to do it in front of the mirror after I take a shower in the morning.

You only need to do it once or twice…just try and see if you get better at flexing your abs over time. You will get a much harder contraction if you make a super tight fist while you do this as well.

Bruce Lee Did a Bunch of Other Ab Exercises as Well

I really don’t recommend most of the other exercises that Bruce Lee did to get six pack abs. He did a bunch of exercises that will put your spine in jeopardy over time.

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I added the Breath of Dragon to my routine about 3 weeks ago and I see a noticeable difference already!

Note: Don’t confuse this exercise with “Dragon Breath”! To Learn Dragon Breath, don’t brush your teeth for a few days and breath out near someone you are attracted to. Dragon Breath is a really poor exercise, so I’m not going to recommend it!


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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