The Best Ab Wheel is the Cheap “Old School” Version


You can pick up an “old school” ab wheel for just 10-20 dollars.

cheap ab wheel

The ironic thing is that cheap little ab wheels are more effective than either of these overpriced, yet wildly popular, ab machines.

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The crazy thing is according to the merchant, over 700,000 Body By Jake Ab Scissors have been sold to date.

Who knows how many Ab Circle Pro units have been sold, but it has to be a ton judging by all the recent infomercials on TV late at night or early in the morning.

I Wish I Had Those Advertisers on My Side (Not Really)

Advertisers are getting better and better.

I was shocked at how many Thighmaster units have been sold worldwide. I have read as many as 10 million have been sold since 1988.

I don’t want to necessarily slam these companies for trying to make money, but are they really offering good value for the money?

It isn’t that I’m against expensive pieces of equipment.

When I eventually set up a home gym, I will drop a $1,000+ just for an Olympic Bar, adjustable bench, and a power rack but it will more than payoff over time.

You Won’t Lose Weight Using These Devices

The infomercials are done by professionals and they know how to push emotional triggers in a way that makes you want to buy regardless of price.

The bottom line is that these devices are a great workout for abs development, but do very little in the way of helping you lose weight.

$10 Ab Wheels Will Do A Better Job Tightening the Mid-Section

At almost any sporting good store or places like Sears or Target, you can find Ab Wheels.

They range from $8-$100.

Don’t go for the expensive ones. I have had a cheap little plastic ab wheel for close to 10 years and it has served me well.

The key to this simple piece of equipment is that your midsection is doing all of the work, not the device. It doesn’t really need to be more complex than this.

No need to spend any more than $10-$15 max.

What About Those Fancy Instructional Videos?

Well, thank goodness for Youtube!

You can head over there right now and see several examples of good ab wheel workouts. This gentleman does a good job of explaining form.

The main point is to make sure you don’t hyper-extend your back. I don’t like to crunch my abs hard at the top, but I do ensure that my back doesn’t arch and that my abs are supporting the resistance, not my spine.

I Use the Ab Wheel As A Way of Doing an “Advanced Plank”

What I like to do with the ab wheel is roll it forward a foot and hold that position for 30 seconds then another foot or so and hold that position for 30 seconds and just a bit further and hold that position for as long as comfortable.

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I like to use it for tough static holds to generate serious tension in the abs. I do this maybe 1-2 times per week at home in addition to my plank workout.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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