Why Are Six Pack Abs So Rare?


A washboard stomach is a rare thing these days.

Why Are Six Pack Abs So Rare?

Although you see a lot of people in magazines and movies with great abs, you rarely see a regular guy or girl walking around with a six pack.

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Most people eventually give up on their quest to get a defined midsection. They believe that it is only something for movie stars or supermodels.

I’m telling you to quit thinking that way.

Lifting a Large Amount of Weight is Not As Impressive as Toned Abs

There are many, many more guys who can bench 315 pounds, than there are guys with a tight midsection.

Many women can jog over 6 miles, but not many women have defined abs.

If you want to be exceptional, then having a defined midsection is the way to go.

If you are spending any time in the gym at all and you don’t have a 6 pack, then you are spending your time doing the wrong things.

You will need to shift your focus if you want great muscle tone in this area of your body.

…and it goes way beyond just doing a killer abs workout.

When Your Abs Are Defined, Your Whole Body Will Look Great

The fat around your stomach area is usually the last to go.

If you get to the point where your abs are showing, then I guarantee you that the rest of your body looks amazing as well.

I believe that this is the reason that people find toned abdominals so sexy… they know that the rest of the body must look toned as well!

So if you focus on a 6 pack, everything else will fall into place.

Getting a Washboard Stomach is Mainly About Diet and Cardio

I swear that you could drop all those crunching and sit up movements and get amazing abs.

How do I know this?

Well, I haven’t done a crunch in over 5 years and my abs are more defined than ever.

Have you ever seen the TV show “Survivor”? By the end of the show, almost every person has really defined six pack abs and I know that none of them got there by ab exercises.

You don’t want to go to that extreme, but it does show you what low body fat will do.

Ab Exercises Probably Account for Only 10% of the Results

I don’t think you need to directly target the abs to get a great midsection, but if you want to pick one and hit it for 4-5 sets.

The majority of your time should be spent on a bit of lifting for the rest of your body and intense cardio.

As far as choices of cardio go, running on a treadmill or running outside is the way to go.

Your abs work harder with running because there is a certain amount of balancing involves between your legs and upper body.

If you are on an exercise bike, your abs don’t have to work at all. Your body is being stabilized by the seat.

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Summary: You probably just need to increase the cardio and decrease the calories if you don’t have six pack abs. I know it sounds almost too simple, but believe me, it will work for you.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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