The 30 Day Potato Diet Challenge

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The All Potato Diet for rapid weight loss is gaining in popularity.

The 30 Day Potato Diet Challenge

In early 2018, Kevin Smith (from the movie “Clerks”) had a heart attack.

His doctor recommended an all potato diet and his results were incredible.

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He lost 20 pounds in 13 days and his blood pressure readings were amazing.

Others have had awesome success with this diet as well.

Here’s a video of a young woman’s results of going through 30 days on an all potato diet.

I don’t think you need to go 30 days for awesome results.

I wrote a post two years ago about a 3-5 day potato hack.

This blog post recently went viral.

potato hack for fat loss

The Potato Hack for Rapid Fat Loss

People are dropping 5-15 pounds in less than a week due to “resistant starch” in potatoes that can’t get stored as fat.

The All Potato Diet is gaining in popularity, because of the rapid weight loss people experience. Here are the results of 30 days of eating only potatoes.


-Rusty Moore

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