Is it Irresponsible to Recommend a High Carb Diet?


Is it irresponsible of me to recommend a high carb diet?

Shortly after we launched our newest course, High Carb Fat Loss, we received this message.

“He is 1 vs 100s of others on high fat diet. Maybe he is a genetic wonder? Is it right to promote a diet that works on 1% of population?”

Here’s the thing.

Countless societies around the world and Billions of people have thrived on high carb low fat diets.

  • Traditional Okinawans: 6% calories as fat
  • Traditional Thai: 9% calories as fat
  • Traditional Pima: 8-12% calories as fat
  • Highlanders of Papua New Guinea: 3% calories as fat

Here’s an image from our course.

Eating less than 10% fat or more than 65% fat have special fat loss properties.

Over 65% Fat: Your body goes into ketosis and uses fat for fuel.

Under 10% Fat: Insulin sensitivity drastically improves and your carbohydrate metabolism becomes optimized.

There are magnitudes of people who live long and healthy lives by eating under 10% fat.

We have MUCH less long-term data on people who eat high fat low carb.


There are simply a lot more potato, rice and vegetable eaters… than people who eat large amounts of fat without starch.

This is why I do NOT feel irresponsible about recommending a high carb low fat diet.

I couldn’t be more proud of what Mark and I created.

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One last thing.

Okinawans have the largest ratio of people who live to be over 100…

…but the younger generation isn’t as healthy as the older generation.

The low carb advocates point out, it is because their high carb diet doesn’t seem to be working well.

What changed in their diet to make it less healthy?

okinawan diet

After WW2 they increased their FAT intake.

…so instead of being under 10% fat, they are now in the 20-30% range.

Carbs stayed the same, but fat increased.

This has actually become a pattern around the world.

As soon as healthy High Carb Low Fat societies become “Westernized” and more fat gets added to the high carb diet… health declines.

Low-Carb High Fat diets are trendy right now…

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…but the commenter I talked about above has things reversed.

Mark’s way of eating has been proven for generations.

We don’t have as much data on those who eat high fat low carb diets for long periods of time.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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