Calories Burned – We are Clueless About This!


Circuit training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are wildly popular ways to get lean these days.

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They can work well…

…but NOT because of the “Afterburn Effect”.

I’ve been doing HIIT since 1996.

I’m friends with the fitness writer, Shawn Philips, who originally made it popular with a magazine article back then.

shawn phillips HIITThe magazine article was titled, “Pick Up the Pace! A High-Intensity Approach to Cutting Up”.

It was published in the Jan 1996 issue of Muscle Media 2000.

Up until 1996, the common advice was to walk at a slow pace for fat loss.

This article changed everything.

That single article in Muscle Media 2000 is the reason for the existence of CrossFitOrange Theory, etc.

how many calories does crossfit burn

I know that this type of training can work well…

…but it isn’t because of the Afterburn Effect.

I’ve written a detailed article about this.

The Afterburn Effect Revisited

Here’s a crazy fact.

We don’t have any reliable way of measuring how many calories are burned from resistance training.

calories burned from resistance training

It’s easy to measure calories burned from cardio…

…not so much from lifting weights.

We are CLUELESS in this regard!

I talk about this and basically the history of interval training, metabolic resistance training, etc.

In this article…

The Afterburn Effect Revisited

We have been overestimating how many calories are burned after intense intervals.

calories burned after HIIT interval training

Read the article to find out what you should focus on instead.

Note: I don’t like using resistance training as a way to burn calories and lose fat.

I know that this is a HUGE trend right now.


When you separate lifting weights from cardio you can fine-tune your physique more effectively.

This was incredibly effective when I was training fashion models.

fit fashion models

You can dial in lifting intensity for muscle definition…

…then adjust the intensity of cardio depending upon how slim and lean you would like to get.

My cardo course is the most comprehensive course I know of on how to get lean in an efficient way using cardio machines in your gym.

CrossFit style workouts are trendier…

I believe my course is more effective.

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Visual Impact Cardio

It\'s nearly impossible to measure how many calories are burned from resistance training with current scientific methods. We can measure how many calories are burned during a cardio workout. Should you focus on cardio, HIIT, or weight lifting if you goal is weight loss?
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-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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