Visual Impact Cardio

Old School Cardio Meets Modern Science… Resulting in Predictable Fat Loss With Fewer Sticking Points.

I see it in every gym I walk into…

“Slightly Chubby” trainers and gym members who bust their butt with intensity, but look the same year after year.

These persistent gym members push with ever-increasing intensity

…yet can’t seem to shake those last 10-20 pounds of body fat.

If intense training was the main key to losing body fat, there would be a lot more lean people walking the planet.

People are training with more intensity than ever.

  • Circuit training with advanced Olympic lifts instead of traditional gym exercises.
  • Body weight intervals that have members dropping to the floor gasping for air.
  • The promise of maximum fat loss with just 10-15 minutes of intense effort.

Despite these intense efforts, most people get fall short of hitting their fat loss goals.

The problem is the false belief that fat loss is all about intensity and has little to do with time.

I call this the Brief Intense Exercise Trend.

What began as a good trend, went too far.

You see, in the ’70s and ’80s, people probably spent too much time in the gym trying to burn body fat.

The advice was to do low intensity cardio for 45-60 minutes to burn fat for fuel.

Starting in the mid-90’s people figured out how to reduce time spent in the gym, to lose just as much body fat.

Unfortunately, this message went too far.

“This intense 20 minute workout will help you lose as much fat as your 60 minute routine”.

“This intense 20 minute workout will help you lose 3 times the fat compared to your 60 minute routine, because of the Afterburn Effect”.

“This intense 20 minute workout will help you lose fat long after the workout is over and your 60 minute routine doesn’t work at all”.

People are now taught to believe that cardio barely burns body fat…

…and that short intense intervals burn up to “9 times the amount of calories” compared to regular cardio.

The reality?

Slow Traditional Cardio always burns body fat but takes up large chunks of time.


1. Eat a diet that keeps you in a slight calorie deficit.
2. Walk on a treadmill for 60 minutes as soon as you wake up.
3. Walk on a treadmill for 60 minutes again right before dinner.
4. Do this 6 days per week.

I’m not saying that the routine above is optimal at all.

This is way too much time to devote to losing body fat.

On the other hand, this is the type of routine that bodybuilders used for decades leading up to a show.

…but what about all of the calories burned AFTER finishing an intense interval session?

According to a recent study titled: Effects of exercise intensity and duration on the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

…the earlier research optimism regarding an important role for the EPOC in weight loss is generally unfounded…The role of exercise in the maintenance of body mass is therefore predominantly mediated via the cumulative effect of the energy expenditure during the actual exercise.”

How many calories are burned after an exercise session?

This same study came to these conclusions:

  • EPOC = 6-15% of the calories burned during the actual exercise.
  • Steady state cardio averages close to 7% EPOC.
  • Intense Intervals can approach 14% EPOC.

Note: EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. It is the technical terms for calories burned after exercise.

What this means in calories burned?

Let’s say you hop on an Elliptical for an hour and burn 700 calories, by training at a moderate pace. You will also burn an additional 49 calories after the workout is over (7% of 700).

What if you performed intense intervals on a treadmill for 30 minutes and burned 400 calories? You will also burn an additional 56 calories after the workout is over (14% of 400).

The calories burned AFTER exercise are so insignificant… it makes sense to simply focus on calories burned during the actual workout.

This leads us to focusing on the actual workout, not something that will “hopefully” happen 24-48 hours after the workout.

The Ultimate Fat Loss Routine, in my opinion, would maximize calories burned per minute while avoiding overtraining.

I have been working on the ideal solution for years and I have finally created a routine that fits this description exactly.

Introducing “Visual Impact Cardio”.

This online course will teach you how to master the skill of losing body fat.

…especially those last 10-20 stubborn pounds.

This course has three 8-week programs (cycles) depending upon your level of fitness.

Some people will hit their fat loss goals after 8 weeks.

Other people will simply repeat the cycle 1-2 more times until they hit their fat loss goals.

Important: You will need access to cardio machines to get the most out of this course.

I toyed with the idea of making this a workout that could be done with or without cardio machines.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to make small incremental adjustments in intensity without the precision of a cardio machine.

What if you don’t have access to a gym or cardio machines?

  • Join a gym, use my routine, and lose that last bit of stubborn body fat.
  • Get this course when you finally get access to a commercial gym.
  • Get this course for educational purposes (kidding).

After you lose your stubborn body fat you can quit the gym and maintain this level of conditioning for at least 9 months without cardio machines.

What is this going to cost?

Get this for less than the cost of One Single Session with an average personal trainer.

I decided on the price of ONE single payment of $67 only $37.

$67 $37

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This is slightly less than $50, which happens to be the typical rate for one hour spent with an average personal trainer.

What you gain here “SMOKES” – 1 hour spent with even the best personal trainer!

This isn’t meant to be disrespectful to personal trainers AT ALL. Heck, it would take me at least 3-4 hours to teach you this info and I wrote the course!

Just a Sample of the Many Topics I Cover in this Course.

  • Flaws in the major study which supposedly “proved” that Brief Interval Training is 9 times more effective for fat loss compared to steady cardio.
  • How there is a “Time Element” to activate the system in your body which burns the most calories…and how Brief Exercise does NOT last long enough to fully take advantage of this system.
  • How Stubborn Body Fat is more sensitive to insulin, less sensitive to adrenaline, and has less blood flow compared to “regular” body fat.
  • Why I recommend that you keep the Fat Loss Portion of your workout separate from the Resistance Training Portion of your workout.
  • A formula to measure How Many Calories an Interval Training Session Burns compared to a Steady State Cardio session.
  • How to overcome Stubborn Body Fat Issues…why dieting alone Rarely ever gets the job done when it comes to losing stubborn body fat.
  • How to use the Precision of Cardio Machines to fine-tune the intensity of your training…allowing you to reach your fat loss goals faster Without Over-training.
  • How to diet in a way that Maximizes Fat Loss, with little chance of slowing down your metabolism.
  • How to use Cardio Periodization Cycles…the technique where you “take 3 steps forward and 1 step back”…to Lose Body Fat Without Hitting Sticking Points.
  • Why there is a ceiling to how many Calories You Can Burn with Intervals…and how a Strategic Cardio Routine can take you to the finish line of Hitting Your Fat Loss Goals.
  • Three Complete 8-Week Workout Cycles – taking you from where you are now…ALL THE WAY to your ideal body fat percentage.
  • …and MUCH more!

This course digs deeper into fat loss, cardio and intervals than what may have been necessary.

You will gain the knowledge of exactly how to use diet and exercise to get as lean as you desire… without experiencing fat loss sticking points like so many other gym members.

Once you gain this knowledge it’s your for good. You can take the principles you learn in the course and apply them from this point forward.

$67 $37

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Order Now at Zero Risk – You Have a Full 60 Days to Test Drive the Program…

If Visual Impact Cardio doesn’t change your approach to losing body fat and help you create the look you are after, you will receive all of your money back.

Time to hit that stubborn body fat!


-Rusty Moore


This is a pretty aggressive approach to getting lean in a hurry.

You will experience a large drop in body fat during the 8 week cycle… but this isn’t easy.

The great news is that maintaining your new body takes MUCH less effort than it took to get there. My advice is to start today and go through an 8 week cycle.

Get your fat loss out of the way, so you can enjoy a sleek and lean physique as soon as possible.

Note: As soon as you order you will gain immediate access to the beautiful mobile optimized members area, where you will be able to master cardio machine strategies for burning fat on demand and getting as lean as you desire. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.