What to Do When Weight Loss Stalls?


Weight loss is never a linear straightforward process.

Typically it involves losing 1-2 pounds, followed by remaining at a stable weight for a while.

This stable weight period can be frustrating.

More patience is required of you, the leaner you become.

These stable weight periods become longer and longer the closer you get to your ideal body fat percentage.

fat loss stalls

You may even hit a serious fat loss plateau.

What happens is that your metabolism slows a bit.


At some point, even a low-calorie intake won’t equate to fat loss.

You can cut back on calories further.

…but that can make the slowed metabolism problem even worse.

What I recommend at this point is increasing CALORIES and increasing ACTIVITY.

This is called the “Eat More/Exercise More” method of increasing the metabolism.

I’m NOT talking about cheat meals.

…or cheat days.

I believe a better approach is to increase calorie intake, then add enough exercise to burn these calories.

lactate threshold cardio for fat loss

A strategy that works exceptionally well is to do lactate threshold cardio followed by a meal right after the workout.

So you are purposely doing a workout that burns X amount of calories.

…and eating a meal right after with X amount of calories.

I recommend a carb-based meal at this time.

The carbs will replenish the glycogen burned during your workout and will prepare you for tomorrow’s workout.

carbs to boost your metabolism

An alternative to this is to simply eat bigger meals during this period of increased activity.

I would recommend doing this Eat More/Exercise More period for AT LEAST 2 weeks.

Even if you gain a little weight…

Your body will be ready for the next round of fat loss.

Simply reduce calories and you will begin losing fat again.

Works well.

reduce calories to lose weight

Note: I don’t want to alienate anyone who follows a ketogenic diet.

This same basic approach works with a keto diet as well.

I do feel carbs are better for metabolism recovery…

(Which is why even low carb dieters will Carb-Cycle when their metabolism slows down.)

…but you can stick to a ketogenic diet and do this as well.

If you ever become carb-curious?

High Carb Fat Loss isn’t going anywhere and will be patiently waiting for you.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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