Do Tall Guys Need to Work Out Differently Than Short Guys?


Do you struggle to do certain activities?

We are all built differently, but many exercise programs don’t take that into account.

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I suck at swimming.

I used to be puzzled because elite swimmers are tall.

Here’s a picture of me (age 13) and my sister (age 15) in 1983.


(I stopped growing right before my 13th birthday, but was 6’3″ at this age.)

In the beginning of 8th grade I could easily dunk a basketball and in 6th grade I got second in state in the High Jump (I learned how to do this just 2 weeks before).

This was all due to my build.

I’m not athletic and I didn’t practice or anything, I was just built like a spring back then.

I am not bragging. I really suck at most sports.

My main abilities are non-athletic games like ping pong, croquette, frisbee golf, bocce ball, etc.

(Paul Newman and Robert Redford playing some ping pong.)

I like games where I can sip on a light beer while playing.

Why do I suck at swimming?


Top swimmers are tall, but they have long torsos and short legs for their height.

I have a nephew who is 6’7″ who is a great swimmer and he has a 34″ inseam.

I’m shorter but have a 36″ inseam.

He isn’t a great jumper and can barely dunk at that height, but swimming comes easy to him.

One more example…

I bought a bodyweight training course by Adam Steer. Here he is doing a pistol squat.

I struggled like CRAZY trying to master this exercise, back then.

He makes it look so easy.

A few years later, I met Adam in person.

He’s about 1 foot shorter than me and built exactly like an Olympic gymnast… No wonder he makes it look effortless!

It would be the equivalent of me trying to teach him to dunk a basketball.

There are exceptions to every rule. Spud Webb is one of the best dunkers of all-time at 5’7″.

He really was an athletic freak!

I’m convinced that people who exhibit exceptional ability in a skill… showed great competence early on.

  • I’m not suggesting that it didn’t take work to get it to the expert level.
  • I’m also not suggesting that people don’t try and improve in weak areas.

When it comes to getting in shape, you will find that your body naturally responds to certain exercises.

Some people love handstands and handstand push-ups for shoulders.

short guy doing handstand push-up against wall

You couldn’t pay me to do this exercise and I have no interest in learning it.

That being said, this is a great shoulder exercise if you feel it in your delts more than shoulder presses.

For me personally, I know gymnastic-type stuff isn’t how I am naturally built… I’m tall with extremely long arms.

I’d rather grab a couple of dumbbells and do seated shoulder presses.

woman doing dumbbell shoulder press

The main point of this article to use exercises that fit your body type (short or tall) and feel natural.

All of the Visual Impact Fitness Courses encourage you to find the exercises that feel best to YOU for each muscle group.

It isn’t the precise exercise that makes the biggest difference.

It is more about the performance of each exercise.

Note: It may take a few times to learn an exercise, just don’t keep pushing if it still feel awkward after a few months.

Dhalsim understands the struggle of long arms and legs.

I spent many quarters on “Street Fighter 2” back in the day right after it first hit the arcades.

They had 3 of these arcade machines a few blocks from campus when I was going to the University of Washington.

My grades suffered a little trying to get good at this game.

On a side note…

My long-time IMAGINARY girlfriend, Kylie Minogue, was in “Street Fighter the Movie”.

Kylie Minogue

I guess Kylie is 5’0″…

She probably has just as easy of a time as Adam at pistol squats.

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-Rusty Moore

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