How to Stop Out of Control Muscle Growth


Everyone’s body responds a little differently to weight training.

Some people are lucky to have great genetics where things grow in perfect proportion.

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Others have “runaway growth” in specific muscle groups.

There are certain muscle groups that in my opinion take away from a balanced looking physique.

I’d say overdeveloped traps can look odd.

I found a funny gif that demonstrates how some bodybuilders have traps that make it look as if a skinny guy is hiding in a bigger body.

funny bodybuilder gif

Come on! That is funny 🙂

Large traps are a nightmare for clothing too.

I don’t have traps even close to as big as the bodybuilder pictured above, but mine are bigger than I would like. They got this way from doing shrugs when I was younger along with deadlifts.

I avoid both these days and they are slowly getting smaller.

When traps are large in proportion to your delts, it can make your shoulders appear narrow.

A lot of women have quads that tend to grow quicker than they would like.

I’m not saying large quads are bad.

It’s all about preference…

MOST women I talk to want slim toned thighs while getting their glutes to pop out a bit more.

(Here’s an article I wrote on how to do that BTW.)

It still drives me nuts when personal trainers tell women that they should never worry about adding too much muscle.

It can easily happen to some women.

I’d say MOST women (not all) are after more of a classic feminine fit look.

Kate Beckinsale comes to mind.

Yes, she has crazy good genetics…

I just believe that most women would rather have a build like this… instead of being ripped and muscular like a CrossFit competitor.

What is cool about Kate Beckinsale is that she began working out hard later in life.

She was kind of skinny fat when she first began acting.

Now, at 46 years old, she is a great example of muscle tone without excess size.

David Beckham, who is almost the same age as Kate, looks awesome as well.

I think the fitness industry gets too caught up in “more muscle is always better”.

Both Kate and David are in their mid-40’s and have compact tight physiques that will age very well.

This type of physique looks amazing in clothing too.

Even basic jeans and a sweater or button-up shirt look dialed in and more refined when the body is slim.

slim attractive couple

I just think getting strong while creating a slim and tight physique is a better long-term play than going for maximum muscle growth.

Both my Men’s Course and Women’s Course will help you do this.

If you have been lifting weights for years, my guess is that you have all the size you need.

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Time to focus on refining that physique.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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