Does Walking 3 Miles Burn the Same Amount of Calories as Jogging 3 Miles?


A friend on Facebook asked me a question about cardio that threw me off.

“Will walking burn the same amount of calories as jogging, if the distance is the same?”

I had to think about it for a second.

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I live a couple of blocks away from a lake that is close to downtown Seattle, called Green Lake.

There is a walking, jogging, biking path around the lake.

It’s roughly a 3-mile path.

It is surrounded by tons of trees, but only a couple of miles to get to downtown.

If I walk around the lake in 60 minutes will it burn the same number of calories as jogging it in 30 minutes?

green lake seattle walking 3 miles

Walking is way less intense, but I’m doing it for twice as long.

I found a Calories Burned Online Running Calculator and plugged in the numbers.

First, I entered the 1-hour walk around the lake.

calories burned per hour walking

Here’s the estimated calories burned.

3 miles walking calories burned

Then, I entered the 30-minute run around the lake.

calories burned jogging 30 minutes

Here are the estimated calories burned.

calories burned running 3 miles

According to this calculator, both ways of getting around the lake, walking or jogging, burn about 442 calories.

These calculators aren’t extremely accurate, but the idea is correct.

Walking 3 miles should burn close to the same amount of calories as jogging 3 miles.

walking 3 miles per day
Why should we do intense exercise at all?

It’s a good idea to incorporate intense efforts that get you slightly out of breath, in order to improve your VO2 Max (aerobic capacity).

I discuss this in detail in Visual Impact Cardio.

I also wrote a blog post about the fat loss advantages of increasing your Aerobic Capacity.

How Aerobic Fitness Speeds Up Fat Loss

Basically, the more aerobically fit you are, the more calories you will burn performing any activity.


I recommend a mix of walking and more intense HIIT type of exercise to get lean.

HIIT running for fat loss

Works well.

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-Rusty Moore

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