Spot Reduction IS Possible? New Research Findings


We have been told for years that spot reduction is NOT possible.

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Findings from a recent study challenge this idea.

“Effect of combined resistance and endurance exercise training on regional fat loss”

They found that spot reduction may be possible around the area of resistance-trained muscles.

The key is to do cardio right after focused resistance training.

cardio after weights for fat loss

Here are the specific steps:

  1. Challenge your target muscles near the stubborn area.
  2. Burn a lot of calories after that.
  3. Be at an overall calorie deficit.

I’m a fan of cardio machines.

If you want to burn calories without overtaxing your muscles…

Cardio machines can allow you to tweak to just the right intensity level.

cardio machine tips to lose weight

In fact…

I have an entire fat loss course based on cardio machines:

Visual Impact Cardio

A common mistake is to focus on the “Afterburn Effect”.

This is the idea that we burn many more calories hours after the workout is over.

The afterburn effect has been shown to be minimal at best.

afterburn effect does not burn many calories

Here’s a 5 part post I wrote on the afterburn effect:

The Afterburn Effect Revisited

The findings on the afterburn effect?

Focus on the calories burned DURING the actual workout… and simply consider any calories burned after the workout as a bonus.

I’m not against those HIIT and circuit-style workouts people do (when they are trying to go for an afterburn).

I would still follow those up with a cardio machine workout…

One that focuses on max calories burned DURING a workout, like Visual Impact Cardio.

In summary…

Lift weights with a focus on your stubborn areas and then burn a bunch of calories with cardio right after that workout.

spot reduction for abs fat belly fat

Note: I try to train abs 3-4 times per week, but will now make it more of a focused effort right before I hop on the StepMill.

What is funny is I USED to do this…

…when my abs looked their best.

It’s funny how we sometimes forget effective techniques we have used in the past.

One more thing.

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Don’t kill yourself with too high of a cardio intensity.

Get it dialed in with Visual Impact Cardio.

A recent study shows that spot reduction and losing fat on a stubborn area of the body is possible, you simply need to do these things in your workout.
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-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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