Rest or Walk After a Meal to Speed Up Fat Loss?


If you are going a little stir-crazy sitting inside all day, walking after a meal might be something to consider.

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Not only can it improve health overall…

Recent research shows that walking right after eating aids in digestion, can balance blood sugar, and accelerate fat loss.

I grew up being taught to rest after a meal before doing ANY activity.

As a kid, we would have picnics at a place called Flaming Geyser Park. It was a park located next to a river that was perfect for floating down.

Our parents made us wait at least 15 minutes after eating lunch before we were allowed to tube down the river.

old inner tubes

Back in the 70’s and early 80’s this is what an inner tube looked like.

It came from an actual tire… black rubber, no handles, smelled like pollution, and you would get jabbed by the metal inflation value.


No adult supervision or contact for 6-8 hours at a time.

Sunburns, scars, and bad decisions. We were lucky to make it out alive.

The 70’s… you had to be there.

I believe the idea was to avoid cramps?

I have never really questioned this advice my entire life, and for the most part, I relax for 15-20 minutes after eating.

Perhaps swimming should be avoided right after eating, just to be safe (Aunt Barbara would approve) but…

A leisurely stroll could be a good idea.

Walking after a meal has been shown to aid digestion.

waling aids digestion

It does so by reducing the time it takes for food to move through the gastrointestinal tract.

Bloating is often caused by sluggish digestion.

Walking can help avoid this issue.

Walk as soon as you finished eating (ignore that 70’s urban legend).

In some part of the world, they drink coffee or alcoholic “digestifs” to help with digestion.

I have only been to Europe once.

On my vacation in Europe, half of the restaurants we went to served these little alcoholic drinks after dinner.

There was a study in 2008 that compared walking to these after-dinner drinks.

The results…

Walking aids in digestion better than digestifs (but these drinks are pretty exciting, so maybe combine them with walking).

In Italy, taking a stroll after dinner is commonplace as well.

Walking and these killer little after-dinner drinks?

They know how to relax better in Europe than we do in the US.

Walking after a meal also helps with blood sugar issues.

A recent study has found that 15-minute walks after meals significantly reduces blood sugar for people with prediabetes.

walking after a meal to control blood sugar

Although this study only focused on people with prediabetes, my guess is that walking for 15-20 minutes after dinner could benefit almost everyone.

According to the CDC, 1 in 3 adult Americans has prediabetes.

The way to get out of this unhealthy state is to increase exercise, lose weight if needed, and eat a healthy diet.

Here’s a detailed article I wrote on how to fight prediabetes.

insulin sensitivity blood sugar

How to Increase Your Insulin Sensitivity to Get Lean


Our bodies are meant to digest food when it is upright. Lying down after eating can cause indigestion.

Walking after eating a meal ensures your body stays in an upright position.

What about the weight loss effects of walking after a meal?

One small study found that walking just after a meal seems more effective for weight loss than waiting for one hour to walk after a meal.

walk after dinner to aid digestion

The author of the study found that blood sugar peaks 30-60 minutes after a meal.

“Because glucose increases to its maximum at 30–60 minutes after a meal, walking must be started before the glucose level reaches a maximum, because once insulin is secreted it will play a role as an obesity hormone.”

If you walk immediately after eating, it won’t hit this high peak.

The body also will release less insulin and use nutrients for fuel instead of storing them.

I don’t think simply walking after a meal will be enough to cause fat loss on its own…

I believe walking after a meal is one of those things that can “speed up” fat loss… as long as everything else is dialed in and you are already losing weight. 

Walking is a GREAT health habit.

It’s one of the only exercises where I say “the more, the better”.

The takeaway from this article is that if you are going to walk after dinner, do it as soon as possible for additional health benefits.

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-Rusty Moore

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