HIIT Workouts for Beginners to Use at Home or in the Gym


I’ve probably written over 30 articles about some aspect of HIIT over the past 10+ years.

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HIIT workouts have been part of my routine since 1996.

Interval training in a gym environment was a RARE thing back then. I don’t believe “HIIT” was even a term until that point.

It then took about 15 years for HIIT to become mainstream.

Here’s a Google Trend chart showing that around 2012 is when the search trend for HIIT began to rise.

Things have changed.

Now over half the workouts I see on Youtube, Pinterest, etc… are some form of HIIT.

The problem is that a lot of personal trainers don’t understand how HIIT works… there is a lot of bad teaching going on.

There is also a myth that won’t go away.

I’m guessing no less than 90% of the articles or videos about HIIT use this as the main selling point:

“The main benefit of HIIT is that you burn MANY more calories after the workout is over, compared to normal training.”

The Afterburn Effect is the benefit stressed over and over.

Unfortunately, a comprehensive study came out in 2006 showing that calories burned after a HIIT workout are barely worth paying attention to.

afterburn effect is a myth

I have been talking about the Afterburn Effect Myth for 10+ years.

This myth is slowly dying, but I hope to speed that process up.

How will I accomplish this?

By attempting to write the most helpful and detailed article about HIIT ever published online.

HIIT Workouts | The Definitive Guide to High Intensity Interval Training

I’ve been writing about HIIT for 10+ years. I thought I’d give a shot at creating the ultimate high intensity interval training article (workouts included).

HIIT Workout for Beginners at Home

This sucker took me about 5 days to write.

It took me another 2 days to buy killer photos (over 25 images) and format.

I have OCD about paragraph spacing, bolding, bullets, etc. These articles don’t get pretty on their own 🙂

This is definitely one of the best articles I’ve ever written… Just “sciency” enough with workouts included and actionable info.

best hiit article for beginners

I do have a favor to ask.

If you think my detailed HIIT article is a quality article, would you consider sharing it?

I’m an independent fitness writer with a relatively small website.

My articles don’t get the distribution like a similar article would written on a site like Men’s Health.

My blog is like a small family-owned Italian restaurant.

family owned italian restaurant

It is small compared to a restaurant chain like the Olive Garden…

…but I take more personal pride in my work.

I’m like the owner of a local restaurant who goes table to table and wants you to LOVE your food and your experience.

Your experience matters to me.

I know that there really isn’t such a thing as a local fitness website…

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…but I share the same spirit as a place in your neighborhood.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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