How Much You Should Walk Every Day to Lose Weight


Lengthy walks are extremely beneficial for fat loss and have been shown to improve longevity above and beyond other types of exercise.

How Much You Should Walk Every Day to Lose Weight

If fat loss is the main goal, you simply need to make sure you walk for a long enough period of time.

How long or how far should you walk if you want to get lean?

Here’s a video giving a great estimate of calories burned based on steps or based on distance.

Walking burns fat at a slow and steady pace, but you can speed up the fat loss process by doing HIIT first.

Intense exercise like HIIT releases free fatty acids into the bloodstream. If you follow these intense efforts with slow cardio, you can easily burn a lot of this fat.

Here’s a chart from my cardio course which outlines this fat loss method.

If you simply do HIIT, these fatty acids will get re-deposited back into your fat stores.

So make sure and follow ALL intense exercise with walking for 10-20 minutes.

For more advanced fat loss methods, check out my cardio course:

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