Trying The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet & Workouts For a Week


Being a Victoria’s Secret Model comes with a built-in incentive to diet and workout hard.

Trying The Victoria's Secret Model Diet & Workouts For a Week

Knowing that you are going to be seen by millions in your lingerie HAS to be motivating.

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These women follow some pretty intense diets to get lean for shows and photo shoots.

Here’s a video of a young woman trying to mimic Victoria’s Secret Model, Romee Strijd’s diet and workout for one week.

This is definitely just a show-prep diet.

These models don’t eat this low of calories day-to-day.

Update 2019: I wrote a much more detailed article on how Victoria’s Secret Angels get ready for their annual runway show:

Victoria’s Secret Workouts | How They Get Runway-Ready 


The Victoria’s Secret diet outlined in the video looks like a decent short-term prep diet, but I actually think The Potato Hack will result in more weight loss.

I wrote a detailed post on how to do this 3-5 day diet here:

potato hack for fat loss

The Potato Hack for Rapid Fat Loss

People are dropping 5-15 pounds in less than a week due to “resistant starch” in potatoes that can’t get stored as fat.


-Rusty Moore

As a former fitness coach to fashion models, I can teach you how to increase muscle definition without adding size.

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